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It appears that a user of decided to make a mention towards my site.  Given the information given & the links linking back to my Xfire profile, it is likely that this is just another Xfire user trying to cause more grief for me (most likely this person given as the avatar is the same).  This person seems to think that I don't update my site anymore; they're wrong.  I do update my site when new content become available; particularly my FTP Password Generators list, which also gets added to my sites IP ban list.  I also started uploading content to my site when I need to host something for other sites.  The post in question was made by Propugnator is this one:

I first noticed that I was getting traffic from this site when my Google Analytics reports were reporting referrals from this site.  I was unable to find the post until today when I noticed the referral link in my sites visitor logs.  Now that I know where it is, this review is going up.

UPDATE:  Appears this entry has reached the ears of the users of SomethingAwful now & conversations have started regarding it.  I will answer a few of those here as I have no intentions of making an account on their site:

Sir John Falstaff posted:
SA hasn't had a good legal threat in a long time.

I have not made any legal threats as of this time.  A simple online review is all I plan on doing, but I will take it further if the problem escalates.

Ogive posted:
Jesus Toadfucking Christ, what a scummy shitbag. Are we reduced to this? Are we seriously reduced to this?

If you wish to start trash where your site was not previously an issue, then yes you are.  You have Propugnator to thank for getting SA mixed in this.  

Sir John Falstaff posted:
I wonder where the "further" he would take it is "if the problem escalates." The internet police? What will they do to us? Are we all headed to internet prison? Will we have to mobilize SA's crack legal team, headed by the redoubtable Leonard J. Crabs? The suspense is killing me.

If you really want to know, read this entry:

SA has not reached that point yet, but it's getting there.

Shegetz posted:
your crappy no-hits Frontpage site

No hits, huh?  I got over 60 visitors yesterday from SA alone.  The traffic from SA is boosting my sites rank regardless of the reason for it.  Not all traffic is good traffic & this is definitely the case with SA, but I am getting a positive result from it despite the negative result.

Sir Spaniard posted:
Wondergamer is proof that well written doesn't always mean smart. He really does come across as childish. In this chatlog, I'm actually siding with the worse written guy, because Wondergamer really is childish. He threatens the fbi against anyone who he doesn't like on the internet.

it's not against the law

You fail to see the whole picture.  The discussion with Rattman was an issue of prejudice against religion, which can be considered a crime.  Sure I probably couldn't have filed Internet Crimes charges against him for that alone (although I could have if done in person), but if he continued stalking/harassing me over it, then it would be considered a hate crime.  Fortunately for him, he has not decided to continue with stalking.  Cryo & SeeEmilyPlay on the other hand have been following me from site to site trying to get my accounts banned, which I could file internet stalking charges against them for.  The problem is I need to prove it & I have no proof outside of my visitor logs for my site, the LAN Party forums & the Eviludy forums & search terems for search engines.  I also have logs from my old blogs on BlogSpot & WordPress (as well as search terms used with yielded result in search engines), but I have since deleted those since I have my own site now & they were interfering with my search results on Google.  I also have proof as to the attempt to get my Xfire account banned as one of the HP Admins informed me which one of their Admins was at fault for that attempt.  Perhaps all together, I have enough proof to press charges.  I figured I'd give them a chance to desist before I take the issue to the courts, however.

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