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On 7/25/2017, I contacted the (phone) support line for Cox Communications to file a complaint against a particularly abusive individual in in Mission Viejo, California, where I grabbed his IP from my personal site at approximately 8 PM Mountain time on 7/24/2017, where he proceeded to mock me over the popularity of the site.  I could have cared less about the mocking, but he presented an opportunity to respond to his disgusting behavior with an official complaint against the ISP.  Before I get into the details, I'm going to point out what led up to my attempt to file the complaint.

This started when I created a thread about the racism problem on the forums (I won't link directly to this site due to the malware on it, but I will link to the review of the site where the problem is running rampant; note that this is a review for a pornographic site, do not proceed if you are not of age to be viewing such material), where he has been the most belligerent in the matter of all users so far that have chosen to retaliate to it.  It's not only racism that he has chosen to throw however, he also appears to have a discrimination against those with mental disabilities, among a number of other things I would rather not care to do the research to try & understand where his warped mind is going...  So far the following abusive comments have been made in this thread, it should be obvious from the screenshots what his username is on the forums:

Post screenshots last updated 7/26/2017

When I contacted his ISP to make the complaint, they were making it clear they wouldn't do anything without the police getting involved, they stated that I needed to call the police.  I didn't particularly see the police doing anything about it unless it involved a death threat, so I decided not to take that route.  Instead I decided to write this review, showing how the ISP will not penalize their customers for acting poorly over their service & I think the unfortunate thing about that is they also won't do anything if they are doing anything illegal, which in all honestly if I wanted to go that route, I could point out that the site this abuse was done on has underage hentai on it.

While this review might actually gain the company customers who are looking to commit illegal activities online, I'm hoping when they realize the severity of the problem that they chose to ignore when I attempted to file the complaint & with any luck will better the company by changing their standards & allowing an official complaint procedure rather than having to make a legal matter out of it by having the police contact them to follow up on a complaint they chose not to deal with.  I am also considering writing a BBB review of the company, not that I expect it would go anywhere, firstly because I am not one of their customers & secondly because they have a 0% customer satisfaction rating on their BBB page.

One other thing I am going to point out is I decided to leave a comment about his abusive, racist & discriminatory nature on the page I used to trace his information on, although I don't expect they are going to allow it through moderation, so I'm going to copy what was left on that page here:

A very belligerent, racist & abusive individual attacking myself & others on a site I used to go to frequently (no so much anymore). Contacted ISP to file a complaint, they stated they wouldn't do anything without getting the police involved...

UPDATE:  On 6/27/2017, I had noticed the webmaster had deleted the thread where this abuse from commie1128 was happening, seems he got tired of it (and the publicity he was getting on his site as a result of multiple daily updates to the review of that site because of it) & finally decided to do something about it.  I can't see that commie1128 received any type of punishment for his public discriminatory rage-fits (his profile appears to still be active, however I'm not certain how bans are handled on that site; I honestly can't say for certain whether the webmaster even bothers with bans), but I expect he's still on this same ISP, pulling the same shit & unless Cox Communications decides to do something about it, it is unlikely this lowlife will ever stop his extremist outbursts across the web...

UPDATE:  It took some time to realize this, but the situation with this individual turned into an instant vendetta that went as far as Internet Stalking/Harassment, eventually having to get the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI involved via

The first situation of this (after the deletion of the thread discussing racists on the original site) started on 9/8/2017, by Twitch user Its_goon_baby, Epic Games user Its_goon_baby.  This lead to the individual joining a match I was in using my Twitch channel to give him his username to do it, which lead to the following griefing in the game:

This was only the start of this harassment, as there were a full total of 18 different accounts created on Twitch to continue this harassment after I reported the matter to Epic Games (with video proof); ironically, it doesn't seem Epic Games did anything about the initial griefing in the game (however it did appear they added a new article on how to report people on the site, as the thread I created on the matter was not the approach they wanted people to take when reporting such matters, classifying it as name shaming).

The 18 different accounts created to continue harassing my channel continued for approximately 3 weeks, not realizing it was the same individual until the creation of the 18th account (its_my_fav_little_autist), at which point I knew who it was doing this & where the original vendetta originated from.  Somewhere around the 10th account I had contacted the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI about this matter via their online complaint form, something I never heard back on...  After the creation of the 18th account, I had all the proof I needed to find a new complaint, which would have included his ISP, city & state of residence & IP address at the time I had pulled it (traced using

Somewhere around the 13th account, I started including additional information off of my Google Drive in the reports made to Twitch on the harassment, pointing out the report of harassment to the FBI, which gave a pretty good rate of his accounts getting banned almost instantly.  The 18th account (created on 9/29/2017), was the last account he had made, likely because (I expect) Twitch had fully banned him from accessing the site (or possibly warned him of prosecution if he continued), which was a result of making my last update regarding this matter, which was the included information in the reports I was sending to Twitch every time I reported some of his account.  This information also ended up getting posted publicly on my channel to give full details on the situation, as well as later (when an individual stated something racist in a friend's channel, of which he made me a moderator of; high probability this was the same individual), which resulted in a very quick banning of that individual from that channel & I informed that friend about the information linked off my channel should he need it to file a report against him (if it was who I thought it was).  There were other cases of attacks on my channel along the lines of some stupid question about "purple dick", which caused 2 accounts to get banned in the same day on my channel, however it's currently unconfirmed as to whether this is the same individual as the person that is being detailed in this review, so I haven't classified those accounts as such for the time being (although I expect it's the same lowlife, he's been very persistent in his harassment, apparently bleeding over into other Twitch channels as well).

The attacks didn't stop with just the Twitch username harassment, I also started getting DDoSed (mainly when doing Twitch streams), which resulted in my adding information about dropped frames as a result of the DDoS attacks, with additional information regarding the individual expected to be causing it.  I made a small update to the additional information that was being included in Twitch reports to include the individuals IP address at the time I was able to verify his ISP & location of residence, eventually making a template to be used when adding information to the description of these videos when a Twitch stream ended, this template of the description information was as follows:

Video stuttering in this video brought to you by Xfinity/Comcast; logs would show that ###### frames were dropped (##.##%) over a period of # hours, ## minutes & ## seconds.

The individual that is expected to be causing this (via DDoS attacks) has the ISP of Cox Communications, lives in Mission Viejo, California & had the IP address of on 7/24/2017 (dynamic IP address, so it's highly unlikely he still has the same IP address, but it's here for reference seeing as filing a complaint with his ISP over excessive racism/verbal abuse on the site where this vendetta started yielded no resolution).  Supporting information used in reports against this user (over 18 different Twitch accounts used to attack this channel so far) can be found at

The point in including my own ISP was I expected they would eventually find the information online (seeing as I have discussed this with them on multiple occasions, at the time they were unable to do anything about it), hoping they would start looking into the matter (one thing I also discussed with them was that I started including information about the potential for this being a DDoS attack & that I was also including this information in the video descriptions when it happened, so they were informed that the information was getting out there; luckily the representative I got at the time was also a gamer, he understood the situation better than I expect most of their representatives would, so he had a good understanding of what I was telling him) to eventually put a stop to it.  While the attacks did stop for a while after posting an update to my channel about the DDoS attacks & details being added to video description at the end of each attack, they did start up again & I used the above template to continue adding additional information to the description of the videos every time it happened, it hasn't happened in full force for a while now (although I expect once the individual reads the update to this article, the reason for it's create when the ISP refused to take the complaint being filed without the police being involved, there will be further retaliation).  Should the issue continue, I will be getting the police involved (as I did in the case of PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25), with full details on the individual, including the frequency of attacks on my Twitch channel, his IP at the time I managed to grab his IP address (something the police is already aware of, as I discussed this possibility when I was discussing the Microsoft Technical Support scammers), location of residence, the site where the original vendetta started & any other details I can managed to dig up regarding the matter.

UPDATE:  The next stream on Twitch run only hours after the update to this page (1/2/2018) resulted in another DDoS attack, which actually managed to take my modem offline (normally the DDoS attacks just cause latency issues & dropped packets sent/received over the web, although there has been cases where I lost internet because of it in the past, this is an addition to the rare exception); as would be expected, this froze (disconnected) the online game I was currently playing (and streaming), as well as ended the stream prematurely.  In addition to the template above being used to add details about the DDoS attack to the description of the archived broadcast for that game, I also added an additional detail stating that the attack also resulted in loss of internet (as can be seen in any archived broadcast where this is the case).  I am fully expecting this to be retaliation to the update on this review by the same deviate that has drug this vendetta on for 5 months & counting, I don't expect it will be the last time I'll have to deal with it (nor have to update this review or possibly even write a new one after contacting the police to get a subpoena issued for deliberate interruption of service).

Last updated 1/2/2018

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