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Some time after I switched to Comcast after the CenturyLink problems with incorrect information on their site, I started having problems with the phone cutting out & internet drops.  I was going to call to have it looked at, but I was getting close to a move, so decided to wait until after the move was done & have them look at it when it got hooked up at the new location.  After setting up the move of service date, the first thing I noticed was that I could no longer access any of the phone interfaces on their site (including texts); turns out this was a problem caused by having an open MoS order that would be resolved after the move, which was something I could deal with, but this wasn't the worst of the problem.

The original MoS date was planned to be on March 21st & while I had pushed back the MoS date a week, my phone was shut off early regardless...  I blamed myself on this one for not making sure they updated the shutoff date as well.  I first attempted to get the problem corrected by going through chat on their website, where the representative said "my original account was closed, there was nothing they could do".  This pissed me off something fierce, ended up calling them back on my father cell phone (after I went out to the house to work on it, the one I was supposed to be moving to) & told them to cancel the MoS.  The guy asked me if I wasn't moving at this point, I stated that I still was, but didn't think I would be taking my service with me since they shut off my phone early & I would be without until after I had moved.  At this point the guy worked with me & another department to get my phone back on after a couple hours & 2 different calls; while I still couldn't access the phone interfaces on their site, at least my phone was back on.  During this time, my internet was still working fine (aside from the internet drops), but the phone was what got hit by the early shutoff.

The second time this happened was the following Monday (March 28th), which was another date that we had set for a shutoff, but when I had to push back the MoS again, this time I told them to make sure the shutoff date was also updated.  Regardless of the shutoff date being updates, my phone got shut off early again, so it appears that once a shutoff date is in the system, it's going to get shut off regardless of whether you attempt to get it updated or not...  This time I didn't have my father's cell to call them, I had to find another way to call them & none of my neighbors (at least the ones that had anything to do with me) were around so I could use their phone to call Comcast again.  I decided to pay a subscription fee through Skype to call them over the messenger.

On the 30th, my phone was once again shut off early & when I called them back (on Skype again), was having a hard time not going off fullbore on them on this one.  I recapped multiple times this was the third time this had happened early & that I'm sure it was a matter of the shutoff dates not getting updated in their system even if they thought they had gotten them updated & I'm certain they could tell I was fed up with this constant problem even though I wasn't full out swearing, some of the comments I made would have indicated that they didn't know what they hell they were doing.  Eventually I did get the phone turned back on & they called me back, but I noticed that my caller ID stated "Unavailable Private".  At this point I thought it was just a matter of my Anonymous Caller Rejection being shut off, so I requested the representative to turn it back on for me since I expected I wouldn't be able to from the internet voice interface; she said she would.  I called my father afterwards to see if he had attempted to call me earlier & go over a few things that needed to be done with the house I'm supposed to be moving to.

After my father called me back some time later, I noticed it once again stated "Unavailable Private" & at that point I knew something was wrong.  I attempted to access my caller rejection via *60, where I got a message about the phone number not accepting calls from this number (what you usually get when you call a number that has been blocked via Caller Rejection).  At this point I called back Comcast again (on the phone this time), told them the problem with my Caller ID & Caller Rejection not working.  She stated that she could see they weren't even placed on the order & she was going to get them fixed.  It wasn't until she read back the number that the number I was calling from wasn't even my number...  At this point I nearly lost it, told them that wasn't even my number, told them what my number was supposed to be & what could be done to resolve the problem.  She put me on hold to find out what she could do, eventually I asked if they could forward calls from my real number to what appears to be a temporary number, which I'm apparently going to have to deal with until after I move.  She said she was going to have to discuss this with another department & have to call me back in about an hour, I regretfully agreed since there wasn't really anything else I could do about it...

While I was waiting for her to call back, I called a few people giving them the temporary number just in case she wouldn't be able to transfer called from my real number to the temporary one.  She did eventually call back, a little before an hour later.  Unfortunately the calls from my real number could not be transferred to this temporary number & the only way the problem was going to be fixed was if they completely canceled out the order & reprovisioned the number back where I still am living & that would take 48 to 72 hours, where I would already be moved by the time they fixed the problem.  So now I'm stuck with a temporary number until I move, where people who have my real number are going to think they've either been blocked or I no longer have that number until after I move...  At this point I'm hoping the matter will be resolved after I move, because I've had two weeks of nothing but problems from early shutoffs & now getting assigned an inaccurate number, where after all that's happened, I wouldn't be surprised if I lost my number entirely by the time I moved.  I made it a point that I better not be getting charged for this temporary number & I'm ready to switch to a new service as it is, as this problem has EASILY topped the crap I got from CenturyLink when I switch to Comcast from it.  She assured me that I wouldn't be charged for the temporary number as there was enough notes from all the calls I've made to them over the last 2 weeks trying to get my phone turned back on after every early shutoff, although I have my doubts given all the problems I've had up thus far (not to mention the $4.68 bill I had last quarter, which seems out of the ordinary).

At this point I really would rather not be a customer of Comcast anymore, but I have a number of security steps on the phone number for various websites that I'll have to find another means to get that transferred over to them, so currently I don't have the option to do anything but...  If this problem is not resolved after the move, the first thing I'm going to be doing is finding a replacement to switch to, then sending a very long complaint to the BBB & refusing to pay any final bills to Comcast since my last month under them was literal HELL.

My phone was once again shut off, the day after I moved & they had already checked (at my house) to make sure the service was working properly.  At the time they were at the house, I wasn't able to access my profile page on the website, however they stated that should be updated & accessible after 24-48 hours.  By the morning of the April 2nd.  I ended up having to use my subscription through Skype (placed because of this problem, so I could contact them over the internet through Skype due to lack of phone while they continued to screw up my service) & pretty well chew them out to get it back on again, telling them that if they didn't correct the issue before I lost my phone number out of it, I wouldn't have a reason to continue being their customer anymore.  It was fixed at this point, then only problem I've had since then is a lot of latency with my internet connection.  Unfortunately when I got the new modem after the move, they didn't tell me that I was going to have to purchase a new backup battery for it, so I'm a bit cross that they one they made me purchase before is now useless & I'll be losing my internet/phone every time my power goes out, but at least I haven't had any outages caused on their part since then.  I would expect the reason why it was shut off the day after I moved would be the shutoff request that the representative set up last time I had to get my phone turned back on set for the day after the move, expecting it to invalidate after the move, which I think ended up carrying over to my new address rather than invalidating as she expected (the repair representative that I spoke early in the morning on the 2nd stated that wasn't the case & they just needed to finalize the order, however I don't really believe that).

Last updated 5/18/2016

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