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When I first got completely cut off from Lakes War, I first was thinking that Lakespear was an asshole that thought of friends as disposable. But I got thinking about it last night: What if it's not his fault that he has that attitude? Maybe something in his life made him to where friendship doesn't mean much to him.

I know my father actually gave up on making friends because he moved to a new location almost every year, losing his friends every time it happened. Could it be something similar with Lake, or could it be something worse?

Maybe his friends were driven off by his parents, or he just happened to make the wrong kind of friends. Perhaps his parents taught him that friendships don't mean anything in the world; I know my dad tried to do that with me once. Or perhaps he's just out to gets the most of what he can from people & friendship really doesn't mean anything to him. Every possability only brings more questions & my health isn't the best condition to be worrying about it.

At this point, I don't know whether to feel:

We became pretty good friends from the start, then took our leave from each other for sometime. When I asked if I could join Lakes War, it seemed like we were friend all over again. But that didn't really last long. Almost complete removal from [LW] was made in such a short time & without warning. Had we actually been friends, I would'a thought I would have gotten a warning as to what was going on to bring on such temper.

The email I got said to contact an Admin to find out why it had been done. I attempted to re-add Lakespear on Xfire to find out what the purpose was, only to be denied & possibly blocked. When trying to recreate my account on the forums to get an answer, the account was once again removed without even having the decency to give an answer (not even a message as to whether the account creation on the forums was accepted/rejected).

At this point it wasn't such an issue because Coppershot had already explained it to me. Just showing that Lakespear is unwilling to have any contact with anybody or even dignify them with any response, warning or reason for cutting friendship just shows that he is not worth being friends with.

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