Inconsiderate Neighbor with Indoor Secondhand Pollution

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Danny Rene Gallegos is an inconsiderate asshole that doesn't seem to be concerned how his secondhand pollutants effects others in the building where he lives at:

South 67 Condos
34 West Lester Ave., Unit E26
Murray, Utah 84107

I personally have been dealing with illness from this pollution nearly daily since I moved here in 2013, have gone through numerous organizations attempting to get this problem resolved because the HOA didn't really consider it a problem they needed to resolve & any other methods I have attempted have not swayed his opinion to stop it or even attempt to make it tolerable to those around him.  The Building Manager of the South 67 Condos has been calling him nearly daily for a month now to attempt to get him to stop or at least cut it down to a tolerable level, however most of the time he just ignores those calls, never picks up, denies that he has any part in the cause of it when he does pick up & that pollution just continues every single day.

He also has a criminal history from what I found online, however not as lengthy as most of the people who have been causing this problem living in E22.  He was arrested once on 1/31/2007, although I wasn't able to find the details on that arrest other than what I found here on  The values of his bail king of paint a picture, the one in particular that I think hold merit to what I've been claiming all along is case #065005523, in the value of $2505.00, which would be about the same amount you would get fined for a first offense of possession of some narcotics.  It appears he may not have been found guilty in this charge however, seeing as details of that charge says he never paid it (of course that may just mean he skipped out on paying it).  Of course this is all assumed since it hasn't been verified yet, but it's expected he's smoking spice in there nearly daily (a drug that is now illegal in Utah, see Wikipedia for more details).  I originally made the mistake of thinking this was coming from E22 while Julie Michelle Mauler was the legal tenant there, however later realized that she wasn't one of the individuals responsible for this drug (although she had been caught using other drugs in that unit such as marijuana & meth).

Indoor smoking has been visually verified in E26, by a woman that was either living or visiting there around Thanksgiving in 2013; she was spotted on the balcony patio of that unit with a lit cigarette, then walked back into the unit with that lit cigarette, so there was no concern about it going from one unit to another.  While it is expected to be spice being done in E26 now, it is possible it might be incense as stated by Danny to Charles, however I would expect it being used as a cover-up to indoor smoking.  I don't believe it is incense however, as when he was taking it outside when Building Management started calling him to get him to knock it off, he would come back in REEKING of it when he walked back inside, where he didn't smell of it as he went out.  The point of this conclusion is that it would be pointless to use incense outside, so more than likely it was spice, which has been illegal in Utah for a few years now.

When I started mentioning his name & address online, he threatened a lawsuit, which got me to back off for a bit on getting his name out there so people would know what his demeanor was like.  This happened a couple times where I had to retract what I stated, but I don't have any tolerance to the matter anymore & this article you see now is the result of his ignorance & inability to consider how his indoor pollution effects those around him.  Furthermore I've been stuck in this situation for over 2 years, sick nearly daily & have been considering suicide as perhaps the only way out of this situation.  At this point I have fully prepared to do what I'll need to if he does go through with a lawsuit & he will be the cause of that action should I go through with it.  Constant stress, illness & discrimination from the residents in Building E of the South 67 Condos has pushed me into believing my life has no value as a human being, so at this point I have been trying to make value out of my life as a bargaining chip in this battle for clean air where I have been attempting to live in peace; unfortunately nearly everybody in the building has turned hostile towards me & I expect discrimination against my mental disabilities may be playing a part in that.  Danny I believe has been a main player in that decision, while I can't put all the blame on him for secondhand pollution coming into my unit since perhaps half of the building does it, he is about the only person left doing it on this side of building & the only person left that would be pushing me beyond the breaking point (other than the Building Management themselves also, seeing as I've received legal threats from them also).  In the end the person that files the lawsuit will be the person that gets the blame for pushing a mentally disabled person into suicide & the method I'm intending on using is using is likely to effect others in the building.  Furthermore the matter will likely be covered by the news because that method tends to get on the news under forced building evacuations (the details of that will be disclosed when it happens, if it gets that far).  I also intend on contacting the news about this regardless directly before I go through with it, so they will be aware of it the night before it happens & it will all be in play when they get the email on it.  One further thing to mention is that these articles will not disappear until 2020 if a lawsuit is filed, as this site has been paid up until 4/28/2020.  His best option in attempting to get this article removed would be to make an agreement with me that he's going to knock off the indoor pollution, at which point I will remove it provided he keeps that promise; if that indoor pollution continues after it's removed, it will be republished & he will not get another chance to have it removed.

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