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Julie Michelle Mahler (A.K.A. Julie Marie Anderson) is an impulsive liar, hypocrite, dumpster diver, mooch & druggy.  She's inconsiderate in her ways because she's smoking cigarettes & illegal drugs inside (or at least her company is if you want to believe her claims) & it never stops regardless of how many warnings, complaints or fines she gets.  Her current landlord goes by Randy & lives in a neighboring building on the same complex, who to this date still has not bothered to take care of the situation.  She is currently living at:

South 67 Condos
34 W. Lester Ave., Unit E22
Murray, Utah 84107

Impulsive Liar:  This would be because every time she gets confronted on indoor smoking, she attempts to lie about it, often times telling us we're "tripping".  This carried on with the building management of the South 67 Condos also, where he also got lied to about this every time; the only time she gave some form of half-assed truth was when he came over & caught her in the act.

Hypocrite:  This would be because she chooses to complain about problems/retaliation to the problem she & her company are causing.  I've seen people (including myself) get in trouble because they couldn't get the issue resolved through the building management & the police are completely ignoring the issue.

Dumpster Diver:  She was having her friend dumpster dive for her since she had pretty much nothing in the beginning, which I assume was a learned trait from when she was homeless.  I later found out just how far this bad habit went (see below)

Mooch:  When she first moved in, I tried to help her out because she had literally nothing, which was unfortunately a big mistake...  "Give them an inch, they'll take a mile," the saying goes, she took it the length of an entire state.  I allowed her to use my internet, phone & computer while she was still trying to get situated; visits sometimes ended up lasting all day keeping me from sleeping often times going as long as 3 days straight.  I was helping her out with food in the beginning also, but what was supposed to be guest food, she'd take a large amount of it to take back to her place; I ended up cutting her off after it happened 3 times in a little over a week.  I also was letting her borrow an antenna & universal remote for her TV in the beginning, which I ended up having to call the police to get back when I finally decided the issue would never stop & I was done helping her out; this was a cutting of ties where I decided I was done with her.  For a while she was using my computer & internet also, I even opened up my wireless router so she could use it from her unit when she did have a wireless device to use it; that was cut off when I had to call the police to get my property back.  During the time she was using my internet & computers, she was selling stuff on; only sometime after I found out about the dumpster diving did I realize that what she was selling on must've been from those dives.  Anybody who uses classifieds should be weary about buying anything from her, as what you're getting will likely be something that was at one time trash.

Druggy:  While living at the South 67 Condos, both her & her boyfriend Lloyd were daily drug users, effecting the people around them without any care about what others thought.  We believe her landlord Randy (at least this is what he goes by) knew about the illegal drug use & chose not to pay attention to it until an attempted sale of the unit fell through because of her indoor drug use.  An elderly woman who was looking at the unit approached me & asked if they were smoking "pot" in that unit; I told her that I believed she was the previous night (not knowing that the next night would be another repeat of the previous night).  In her time living here, identifiable drugs have been spice (nearly daily), marijuana & meth; there were likely many others, but there were not smells that I was familiar with (I found out what meth smelled like online, which was reported to the police, however they weren't able to verify it because she didn't answer the she usually does; the other odors I have smelled over the years I could never verify even with online research, so the full picture of how many illegal drugs she's done in that unit is uncertain...).

4/14/2017 Druggy section UPDATE:

Nobody believed my claims of the drug use when I was complaining about it, but sales of the unit by Randy had fallen through before when one of them asked me if they had been smoking "pot" in there & that time I stated I believe they had the night before those individual came to look at the unit, ironically they did it again the following night.  When she & her boyfriend were finally evicted, the unit was sold to a realtor, who literally had to strip down the unit entirely to the bone & restart in building it from scratch to get rid of the residue left behind.  It wasn't until we decided to move (due to others in the building doing indoor drugs, smoking & further discrimination/hostility towards my disabilities) that we found (during an inspection) that meth was also found in my unit, dropping the value of our original sale of our unit $4300 ($3300 for meth decontamination & an additional $1000 allowance towards a new carpet, as it had to be torn out due to the meth found during the inspection).

PAST CRIMINAL HISTORY: She also has a rapsheet, although at this point I believe her probation is up & no longer wanted by the police (that is more than I can say about her company).  The picture above is a picture from & further information about her arrests can be found at the following links:


One other thing to mention is that both Julie & her boyfriend Lloyd have a habit of dodging the police when they've been called on her for whatever reason, they do this by playing this "I'm not home" game with them by being quiet & not answering the door.  The unfortunate truth in this is under Utah law, the police can not do anything about a reported problem if they don't answer the door unless they have a search warrant, so this often times has them leaving & labeling the complainant as filing a false report (something that has unfortunately happened to me to the point that the police won't even respond to my complaints anymore)...

UPDATE:  Julie has been evicted from the South 67 Condos as of Sept. 22nd, 2015, however she used additional moving time granted by her former-landlord Randy to continue causing problems even after she got evicted.  Eventually word of the additional problems got back to Randy & he changed the locks on her so she couldn't continue to cause the additional problems after her eviction.  The security code to enter the building was eventually changed also.

Last updated 4/14/2017

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