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I ended up getting hired at Ikano (a mass-ISP Customer Service company). After only 3 weeks, I got fired for something that I did that somebody else did in training. I didn't even do exactly what I was accused of, but I got fired on the spot. Ikano does not give any warnings about your job & will fire you for any reason they deem fit, even if there's no reason at all. Furthermore when you're employment with them is terminated, they give you very limited time to leave the building, with the thread of being arrested if you're not out by then (I seriously got flak just for going to the break room to get a bottle of ketchup out of the fridge I left so I could use it with my meal). If you are willing to follow such strict rules & risk your termination at the drop of a hat, then it's good money, but may not be worth the stress...

Found out later that I could've sued them for firing me for something that was done during training. It ended up being too late after the incident for anything to be done, however...

Also don't expect to be using your experience with the company to further your position in another company, as I found out the hard way in continuing to use them as a reference after I got terminated with them, a mistake that kept me from getting a new job for almost 2 years...  The verbally violent nature of the termination was also a problem, saying "you have 5 minutes to leave the property before you're arrested for trespassing," where I'm pretty certain they had already called the police since they were there in under 5 minutes, perhaps only a minute or two after I left the building (I was out in probably 2 or 3 minutes tops), as I waited nearby for the bus to head home.

Last updated 7/6/2016

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