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The South 67 Condos are located in Murray, Utah & has perhaps some of the worst management protocols I have ever seen in my life.  We purchased a unit here for around $89,000 in 2013, hoping to get away from the previous health hazard situation we were living in at James Pointe Apartments where the management could not get an indoor smoking problem stopped (that lease was broken under the terms of being a health hazard to move here under the agreement that we would continue paying rent until a new renter was found). The purpose in looking at condos was we were under the impression that it was a "true" condo (true condos typically don't have the same problems with drifting secondhand smoke from other units), however later found out it wasn't a true condo, but rather old sports building converts.

When we found out that these were not true condos, we were given an option to back out of the purchase; we probably would have even through a number of repairs had already been done on the unit, however a statement from Charles Blackwood (building manager of the South 67 Condos & employee at Property Management Systems Inc.) was what made us decide to keep the unit. That statement was that if we ever did have a problem with indoor smoking, he would work with us to get it resolved (we got this promise at James Pointe as well, we were hoping it would be different this time).

Unfortunately the problem started pretty quickly, only a few months after moving in & 2 years later, we still haven't found a resolution to the problem. We moved from one health hazard situation to another, where the indoor pollution can quite literally get 50 times worse than the last apartment we were in, if not higher... We can't even use our central air because it literally sucks that pollution from other units into ours & were denied an exception to install an alternative cooler when we requested it after explaining the situation. In the summer the little portable cooler we purchased to try & deal with the heat (since we couldn't get an exception for a window-mounted one) isn't even close enough to deal with the heat & we end up getting additional sickness on top of what the pollution is causing from severe heat stroke; sometimes we have to have to cave in & use central air to get the unit cooled down, knowing full well enough that we're going to have to deal with the full brunt of the pollution getting sucked through the vents in the process (the pollution comes through the vents & holes in the walls regardless, but it's somewhat lessened if central air is not running). Hot water is provided through a central boiler, so we've literally shut off our gas since the only purpose for it was for the heater; we're currently relying on a space heater for heat in winter. We are inflicted with illness nearly daily from the pollution from other units & I currently have $900 in lost wages from my previous job (I worked from home over the internet) due to that illness not allowing me to complete my work.

Part of what stops Charles from being able to do anything about it is apparently the HOA for this location won't allow him to do anything about indoor smoking & we haven't found another place to move to yet that won't have these kind of problems, so we're currently stuck in this situation... At this point any complaint against indoor smoking pretty well gets ignored... If the HOA would not allow him to put a stop to the indoor smoking, then that statement shouldn't have been made & we could have gotten our money back on the sale & found another place to purchase that perhaps wouldn't have had this problem or the property management would have followed through with their promises; as far as I'm concerned, we got duped with marketing fraud...

There are also a lot of drug users on this property, unfortunately this adds to the illness we have to deal with daily... Charles has at least been trying to target this problem to get it stopped (as far as we know), but there's a bigger problem here; Charles is very hard to get a hold of & many times just leaving a voice message or email gets no response (we don't even know if they're being listened to or read half of the time). Lately when I do get a hold of him on the phone, it's like I'm in a game with him; he tells me what I want to hear to get me off of the phone as quickly as possible, then absolutely nothing gets done when the call is ended, even if he previously stated that he was going to look into it or take care of the problem (in general, this isn't specific to the indoor pollution problem).

I've also had a few run-ins with some criminals that had moved in, receiving physical threats, having to avoid their attempts of physical assault & ignore their taunts to try & get me to leave my unit so they could cause physical harm; I called the police numerous times on the problems they were causing. Unfortunately these lowlifes knew how to manipulate the law by not answering the door when the police came by (by law, the police can not force their way into a unit unless they have a search warrant), which only ended up netting me a reputation with the Murray Police for filing false reports since they never could verify the complaints...  Two people in particular were the worst of this human filth, I had to deal with Julie Michelle Mahler & her boyfriend Lloyd Wesley Ririe (who have since been evicted, but it was a living nightmare while they were still living here; they caused a bigger or at least more serious problem than the indoor pollution & discrimination combined, although I expect they may have had some part in getting the discrimination & vicious rumors started before they were evicted).

Then there's a matter of discrimination, which we've been receiving from the other people living in our building for some time, but we've even received discrimination a few times from building management also. It's not just disability discrimination either, we've also received housing discrimination, going as far as to say we "have no rights" (the first time this happened with building management, we got both types of discrimination within 2 minutes of each other in the same one-sided rant; at least we've gotten an apology out of the first time it happened, but not any of the following times yet).  Housing discrimination is still a problem on the part of the HOA however & currently they won't even allow us to attend the HOA meetings (we have to run everything through Charles since the HOA won't even listen to us).  It is obvious that there is no concern for non-smoker's rights from the HOA of the South 67 Condos...

To top that off, we also get legal threats on a regular basis from the people living here as well as the management.  This is in response to trying to take care of the indoor smoking/drug use problem ourselves because we don't have the funds to pay for a lawyer in the only option we're being given by Charles & that's by taking the people responsible for causing the problem of indoor smoking & drug use to court.  Seems like it's multiple people in the building doing it, taking the HOA to court would be the better method to take, in this document it states that you can also take the HOA to court if they are not enforcing their own nuisance clauses, however it comes as no surprise that Charles is conveniently leaving this detail out (one of the legal threats I got from him indicated that legal action against the HOA would raise the fees on everybody on the complex, but he specifically targeted us in that statement).  In the time we have lived here, we have received legal threats from the criminals previously mentioned above that lived it E22 (renters under the previous owner of E22, since evicted), the previous owner of E22 (since sold off to another real estate agent, who did disaster cleanup & nearly a full rebuild of that unit once it was resold due to excessive drug contamination cause by the 2 previously mentioned criminals), the person currently living in E26 (Danny Rene Gallegos, another person who is believed to be doing drugs in their unit & using incense to cover it up) & from Charles Blackwood himself.

As we approach the final days of living here, we found there was also a rat infestation on the borders of the public parking lot for the later end of buildings (by building letter), however after going back to the condos to check the condition of our unit (which we are still attempting to sell), it seems the situation may have for the most part been resolved due to a couple of bait traps I noticed around that parking lot (I would assume people that were still living there that talking to us while we were fixing up the unit to be sold took my advise that they should contact Charles about it).  The indoor drug issue that I was dealing with while living in Building E of the South 67 Condos (for the most part, coming from E26 after these final tenants were evicted from E22) is not resolved, however...

UPDATE:  On 10/5/2017, a claim was filled by Fox against a video displaying the health issues that this indoor pollution caused (on nearly a daily basis) & used as evidence against the condos of what happens when the management chose to ignore the problem.  I was not given a legitimate reason to appeal the video that allowed an appeal & I was not given an option to mute that portion of the video either (an option to mute that portion was given back when this happened on 2/6/2016 when it happened on this video; the form of restriction was eventually changed from a country restriction to monitization by WMG - On behalf of: Reprise).  The reason why the video got restricted was due to audio from Modern Family in the background of the video.  With no option to file an appeal or alter the video so it could be hosted on YouTube, I had to look at other options to rehost the backup of that video (I have backups of all videos in the playlist displaying the health problems as a result of the management of these condos ignoring the problem).  The video can (for the time being) be found here.

UPDATE:  One other thing that I had neglected to mention (but I believe needs to be known by the public) is that any time it was brought to the attention of the management that the problems in Building E were made public, aside from the legal threats to gag the publication of the problems in the condo, there were also threats of placing an illegal lien on the condo.  You might ask yourself if I was a renter, why would they put a lien on the owner of the condo I was renting, the answer is my father was the owner of the condo & Charles apparently felt that by threatening the lien being placed on the condo, he could get me to back off on publishing the situation as it was in the condos on a daily bases.  While this may have worked while I was still living there, I republished (some of it just restricted to public viewing for the time management had something they could use as leverage, not removed) the information about it directly after I had settled into my new home (again, owned by my father).  It's also my understanding that a similar method was used against Randy (former owner of E22) when Charles was attempted to deal with the indoor smoking/drug use situation from Julie & Lloyd.

Nobody believed me when I was complaining about the drug use in E22 & the HOA for these condos wouldn't even listen to it, even going as far as telling me I was not allowed to take part in the HOA meetings when I attempted to be a part of one almost 2 years into the issue (where they had allowed me to before, but used the excuse of being a renter to deny it later).  It turns out the reason for rejecting my admittance to these meetings these meetings is because they had turned into ragefests against my living there & my fighting for my rights for clean air, as well as the attempted assaults by Lloyd; from what I gathered as the HOA & management was telling me to leave, they expected the meeting to get excessively ugly beyond what it already was when I wasn't even there.  When I stated, "That's fine, I don't need to be a part of that meeting, I'll go through the Better Business Bureau", Charles stated something about, "This is going to get ugly real fast" to the HOA members as I was walking out of the clubhouse (where the HOA meetings are held), then chased me out as I left & proceeded to chew me out over it in front of everybody entering the building.  It was at this point I pointed out his discrimination against me regarding something he stated about my disabilities, which first he denied, but eventually changed his tune & pointed out he also had a mental disability (bipolar), which doesn't surprise me giving some of the threatening calls he made & quick blowups when I stated I was going to take matters into my own hands either personally or through other organizations that intervene with these types of situations (these discussions with Charles either over the phone or in person, one of the reasons I purchased a recording device to start recording these calls as evidence over the last several months of living here).

The other thing to point out here is that while Charles had informed me about the Murray Police not doing their job in the past when he would contact them (which I originally didn't believe), I found out over time that this is actually accurate.  Over a number of calls to the Murray Police, I found that they would soon stop responding to any calls I made to them.  The first notification of this came from Charles stating that they were complaining to him about the numerous calls I was making to them (of open warrants for Lloyd, attempted assaults & drug use in particular), but eventually, they called me back directly & stated that they wouldn't follow up on the reports I was making because they believed me to be filing false reports.  The fact of the matter was the reports were legitimate issues that needed to be dealt with, it's just that the police were never able to verify (most of) them because the individuals never would open the doors for the police when they came knocking on the door (manipulation of police protocol by acting like they weren't home, meaning the police would have to leave unless they had a search warrant).

I later got my proof on that situation regarding the drug use seeping into my unit, when my father was about to sell the unit, he had to get an inspection on the unit before it could be sold.  Meth was found in my unit, which came from the drug use by Julie & Lloyd in E22, something that nobody believed me on before, but I did the research online to determine that this is what it was when it was happening, the information I found online stating that meth smelled like cat piss & this was a smell I was familiar with, given my grandmother had a number of cats that made quite the smell in her basement (coming up to the upper floor).  The fact that this was found in the unit meant that it needed to be decontaminated before the sale could be finalized (the seller apparently waiting for it to be completed) knocking off an additional $4300 what my father would actually get out of it ($3300 for decontamination, an additional $1000 for a new carpet)...

Even after moving out, while I no longer live in Murray, some of my calls to the police still mistakenly get directed to the Murray Police & they still won't respond to any reports filed through them  (effectively showing that my phone number & name had been put on a blacklist with that district, likely my new address as well when they realized the address has changed).  When it became evident that they wouldn't do anything (expected even in life-threatening situations), I decided to complain publicly about it on their Facebook page.  I got a response to that complaint stating that I should call the head office for that district & request a Sergeant/Supervisor.  Later down the line (at least 6 months after moving), I apparently got transferred to this district again, as no callback happened on that report.

At this point I had gone as far as sending the following email to President Obama:

SUBJECT: Murray Police conditional protection

It is with deep regret that I feel I have to contact the President of the United States to right an injustice where the Murray Police (and possibly others in the state of Utah or even farther) have put a condition on the well-known term "serve & protect" & as a result, it appears they choose not to have anything to do with me when I attempt to contact them. It is my belief that this came from repeatedly reporting illegal activity in the South 67 Condos while I lived there & the police could never verify the reports I gave them (due to individuals being reported with lengthy criminal histories knowing how to manipulate police protocol by not answering the door when they come by & acting like they're not home, giving the police the impression I was filing false reports), so they blacklisted my calls (I would expect by phone number) & do not follow up on any of them, even when the dispatch states that an officer will do so. Because of this, I am outside of the officers help & have to deal with things myself that they should be dealing with, which only is going to get me in trouble sooner or later because I acted when they chose to ignore the problem. Even after I moved from that hellhole of a complex (where I was sick almost daily for over 2 years from indoor drug use in neighboring units), the Murray Police won't take my calls even though it's a new address (still in area code 84107) & it appears this may have spread to other cities in Utah since I didn't get very far when I attempted to tip off the Orem Police on the possible identity of an individual that was cashing fraudulent checks with a fake/stolen ID, which I heard about on the news last year.

I used to have a high opinion of the police, however at this point, that is no longer the case... I no longer feel I can call the police on anything, even if it may mean the death of myself or another individual; when I try to call them, all that happens is it gets ignored again & my opinion of them goes further into the gutter. When the police refuse to help law-abiding individuals, this only pushes them to take care of things themselves & puts them in the "criminal" perspective, where this could have been avoided if they didn't blacklist individuals attempting to follow the law & this is something I fear may happen with myself literally given enough time that the police chose to turn a blind eye to my pleas for their help. I tried making a complaint against this problem with the Murray Police to Orin Hatch last year (seeing as this was a suggestion by the courthouse when I was seeking a restraining order against one of those individuals being reported), which didn't get anywhere, so my last alternative before I consider that attempting to continue living in the US may not be for me anymore is to contact the highest authority in the US (seeing as I don't know who else to contact at this point) for some kind of miracle that this injustice can be corrected. If the police choose to ignore law-abiding US citizens when they need their help, then what is the point in continuing being proud of being one, where I unfortunately can not say I am at this point if the police decide I am not worthy of their protection? It is unfortunate that those I previously held in high regards are the ones that make me ashamed to be a US citizen, so with any luck, this cry for help will be heard & the injustice put to an end...

I got an auto-reply stating that the email method of contact had been discontinued & I needed to resubmit the contact to the new contact form, which never really did get sent because the length of the email was easily over the maximum characters that were allowed in the Presidential contact form, so I would have to cut out a lot of the information in that attempted contact before I could send it.  The attempted contact to Obama did not happen within the timeframe he was in office; I may not have had a lot of faith in Obama, but it was a last resort & I SURE AS HELL have no faith in Trump (obviously the most hated & bigoted President in US history), so I seriously doubt I will be trying to make any contact to this pompous windbag currently known as Commander & Chief of the US...

The Murray Police has proven that the term Serve & Protect is in fact conditional & it was my belief that in the event I did call them on an situation that threatened a life (whether my own or somebody else's), the results would be that somebody would die because they chose not to respond to the call simply because an entry on a blacklist under terms they felt were accurate (only because they could never verify the complaints because the people that were being reported knew how to work the system so the police could never complete the task).

It was only later that I found out I wasn't actually living in Murray anymore (despite the same area code), but because I'm still in the same area code as Murray, my calls still get incorrectly transferred to that district from time to time (even Google Maps has my new address stating it's in Murray, however I know that's not the case as a representative of this new city was walking around the neighborhood asking our opinions of it becoming a new city, which wasn't something I was aware of at the time).

UPDATE:  One other thing to note is that I noticed this review keeps getting de-indexed from search engines fairly quickly after an update has been posted & re-indexed in the same search engines.  This gives a very high probability that they are monitoring negative reviews against those condos & doing what they can to have them removed from search engines as quickly as possible when they show up (monitoring search results isn't hard when you consider a number of search engines give you the ability to set alerts on a given search term).  This would explain why negative reviews on these condos are hard to find through simple searches through search engines; they are likely out there, but the management is doing what they can to make sure they can't be found.  I am not entirely certain of the method to have URLs de-indexed, but it has happened a number of times in the past; while I do know how to get them re-indexed, it is something I would have to do on a regular bases for companies that are using digital gag order techniques such as this.  One other thing to note about these de-indexing tactics is how destructive it can be for a sites reputation via analytical statistics, showing these condos will go as far as to tarnish the reputation of other sites in order to save face of their own company.

UPDATE:  As of 12/16/2017, it appears the management of the South 67 Condos may have effectively blocked this page from being re-indexed regardless of how many revisions or re-index requests are made.  It's been considered before, but it looks like I may need to start spreading the word through some more reputable source (such as Yelp or the BBB).  The status update to this page will be followed with an update to the blog regarding this problem started in 2015, with a link to this page; I will be researching other more well-known sites to drop a negative review on also (linking back here if possible).

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