Fraudulent Accounts

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I have been with CenturyLink for a good number of years, clear back before the name changed & was originally known as Qwest.  The problem is when you move, the information on their site appears to get screwed up, when they change the extension on your account number.  After probably my 3rd move, I attempted to go through their phone support & website chat support to get that information fixed, unfortunately to a long game of catch where I was thrown between representative to representative & department to department because NOBODY in the company knew who was supposed to fix the problem.  The last time I had the problem (the move previous to this one), I had the same problem, but didn't take nearly the problem I had this time; this time I got transferred 9 times in 2 hours & 45 minutes, never really getting any closer to the problem & getting transferred once again even though I threatened that if I got transferred one more time, I would be switching services.  By the time I got to the 10th representative, I was done messing with them, told them off over the phone that I was switching services & called Comcast to have my service switched.

After I contacted Comcast, I told them I wanted to bring my number over from CenturyLink.  They did that, but then there was a problem with my final bill with CenturyLink, as they opened a new account in my name with a different number.  The problem here is this is more severe than simply changing details on the existing account; they created a new account using details from my old account, with a phone number I never owned & without my authorization.  The fact that the other account was closed & this new account was opened with my personal information & without my authorization shows that the company committed fraud through account manipulation & according to a discussion I had with of their representatives at my new home (when they were informing me of new fiber-optics in my new neighborhood), while they won't put that bill in for collections, they won't allow me to go back to them without paying the bill first.

I have considered reporting the company for fraud on the matter, something I had threatened when I was discussing my final bill after I had switched services.  Currently my Comcast bill is too high, I am considering switching to another phone provider & if for some reason I attempt to go back to CenturyLink (which is highly unlikely), if they tell me that bill is still unpaid, I will be making that report about that fraud to authorities so they can audit the company regarding the fraudulent account creation (with likely many others, according to details I was given by Comcast when I switched, which is the reason why CenturyLink was not contacted about the intentions of moving my phone number to another service), then this situation will be looking at with similar penalties as to what happened with Wells Fargo when fraudulent accounts were created there, with any luck, a mass-lawsuit against CenturyLink .

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