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Nice little underwater twist that Minecraft players are going to enjoy. The terrain in the game is smoother, so it's not exactly a voxel game, but rogue-like to be sure. The only issue is that the developer felt it was necessary to cut development on the game early (I'll give the developer credit for being honest, but a lot of people are not happy about this), so the capabilities of what you can craft in the game is easily lacking when you look at the number of other voxel games on the market. Because of the lack of content & how short the game is, I wouldn't suggest purchasing at full price, but definitely when on a sale.

A few issues I'm going to note here:

This game still easily makes it on my favorite list; it doesn't really matter if it's a short game or not, rogue-likes give games a high replay value & keeps things interesting. As far as functionality & user-friendly is concerned, the game is lacking & not extremely easy to learn for those who haven't played voxel games before & as far as crafting is concerned, it probably has the lowest inventory capabilities of any voxel game out there. Plus some features seem unfinished, so I can't exactly say the game is worth the $15 price tag, but if you can get the game for approximately a third of the price, you're looking at a pretty decent game.

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