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On 11/21/2016, I applied for a remote access (work at home) computer support position with ServerPlus, after a friend told me about the job while he was going through training.  I didn't call them until perhaps 2 or 3 weeks after he got hired, but after getting a few life issues out of the way (including a funeral for a cousin who committed suicide), but the initial call led me to a female manager hiring for a call center position.  Eventually I got an email for the manager & instructor for the remote access (work at home) position.  The person that was doing the hiring & training for this position seemed like a very pleasant guy over the phone (once I got a phone number to discuss it with him, failing to make an in-person interview twice that week, not on my own account, but due to a particularly hectic schedule at the business), it eventually turned into a phone interview.  He was understanding to my situation of having disabilities as he's been through similar situations under the same standards of disability benefits as I have, it seems we hit it off almost immediately during that call.  Aside from requesting part time, he was going to go above & beyond to help me with being able to get this position & allow me to keep my benefits until I had gotten some life/health issues out of the way & was ready to work full time (I was expecting to go full time perhaps within a few months).  He offered an hour cap rather than a ticket minimum like most others in the company, which I wasn't expecting, nor did I request, but was appreciative of the offer & took him up on it; this would allow me to keep my health insurance through Medicaid/Medicare while negating the majority of my benefits check, but I knew there would be problems in the long run with his statements that his superior wouldn't like it, but he was going to do it anyways (although in my mind, I knew it was going to be more an attempt that may or may not have succeeded; I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't fall through).  One other thing that was discussed was how to get there as training was done in Orem, where I lived in Millcreek.  I told him I would have to have my father bring me every day because I couldn't drive due to medications I was on, he stated that he lived close to where I lived & could take me to & from each day, but I would need my father to bring me the first day.

Training started on 11/28/2016, there was expected to be 5 people in the class, but 2 were no-shows.  After the first day of training I kind of took the trainer's strict approach to the position as a bit overbearing (one person getting fired over the phone during the training season, another getting a stern warning that tickets weren't getting placed in his name, although I still don't know the full details regarding that & at this point I guess I never will), but I decided to shrug it off as this is required & I had been attempting to get a new job for over a year & a half already since my position in my last job ended up getting downsized (as in the position was no longer important to the company, so it got terminated & anybody in that department also got fired).  It was also on the first day that I realized that I was going to need a decent cell phone to do the job, as my cell didn't have service (mainly only used to run security apps), but it did have the ability to forward calls to the phone through the Xfinity Connect app if I had a decent wifi connection.  At this point it was imperative that there was a decent wifi connection to be able to complete my training & the instructor made it a point to get one put up there.There was an Xfinity wifi hotspot there which appeared to be in the call center for the company when I checked the Xfinity Wifi app on my phone, although 

The training was supposed to continue for a week, however seems the instructor had to take a sick day on Tuesday & I was notified over email that morning.  I found out on Wednesday that one of the individuals that showed for training on the first day quit directly after (the exact day is still undetermined, but it was either on Monday after the training or early Tuesday morning), leaving only the 2 of us; the one that quit was also asking for part time & it appeared that his other job was more important than this one, so I suppose the loss of a part time employee wouldn't have been a big deal, but he still would have been doing more hours than I would have been doing...  This individual was also being provided rides by the instructor.

Wednesday morning, we were still waiting on user credentials for the new trainees; we got those later in the day, but I noticed mine weren't on the list.  The instructor ended up having to resubmit them.  Due to not having my own credentials, I had to do tickets on the instructors account through his phone, where he was walking me through the procedure.  This at least got me some experience on Wednesday, although the majority of the calls were actually him speaking to the customer rather than me, I just did the majority of the remote access tech work on the 2 calls that were taken.

On Thursday morning as we were driving up there (the instructor & I, as he's been giving me rights to & from each day, with the exception of my father to the facility on Monday & the remaining trainee on back to my house on Wednesday), he felt he needed to apologize to me for apparently asking too many questions, as I was having an issue understanding procedure & seems my experience as a Computer Technician may have been a little too advanced for this position (or at least the tier that I was supposed to be in) & one thing he kept saying to me was "You are overthinking the situation."  As a Computer Technician you need to consider all possibilities to resolve a situation, then assess a method of priority on which steps to take before others.  Seems the expectation is that their customers won't run into advanced matters that require complicated configurations, but that's not to say somebody with more experience could have helped them set it up or done it for them.  After Wednesday, I really felt like it would be better if I didn't ask questions at all, but I knew I wouldn't understand how to utilize what was at my disposal when it was needed.  Furthermore there was very little explanation as to the interface of the software, it was just a follow & watch as he did it on the first day, so I was requesting an explanation of the interface, where I was hoping I would at least get that before I got into the job for real.  The apology from the instructor said that he was practically yelling at me, but honestly I couldn't tell he was yelling at me because he voice is high to begin with, but I could tell by his body movements that he was getting frustrated due to the level of questions that were being asked (some verifications of already covered topics because I have a somewhat poor short-term memory), some of the questions had to be gone over a few times back-to-back because I wasn't understand the previous explanations & my experience as a Computer Technician was apparently too advance & being dismissed as possible reasons for issues (maybe not likely if what he said is true, but it's still a possibility).  I accepted the apology, noticed the frustrations from his body movements, but I wasn't holding it against him & the apology wasn't really needed, but was appreciated nonetheless.

When he picked me up on Thursday, I told him I didn't get much sleep last night & that I had trouble sleeping.  I don't remember if I told him something was bothering me that likely keep me from getting a good nights rest or not, but this may have given him a reason to feel like he needed to apologize.  Early Thursday morning, I woke in the 3 AM hour, unable to get back to back to sleep & just decided to get up around 3:30 AM.  After I woke, the thing that was bothering me was the concept of depression, not so much myself, but all those that suffer from it & what I believe may have been the cause for my cousin taking his life the previous week (that funeral being on the Saturday before training started).  It is possible that the stress I was getting from the training (mainly the responses I was getting from some of the questions being asked & rejected possibilities of technical issues, knowing while unlikely, they were still possibilities) could have been causing depression subconsciously.  After I got up, I spent an hour writing the following to my Facebook wall (publicly, which is uncommon on my wall as most posts are friends-only):

Depression is debilitating, it's what has individuals sometimes waking up wondering why they even woke up, sometimes even wishing they never did. It can cause lack of interest, sometimes causing the individual to do nothing but sit in a dark room & cry, hoping nobody can hear them. Those with depression normally will not ask for help in managing this enemy of the subconscious mind, causing them to avoid others & only fall further into the physical health issues caused by long-term psychological problems that they SHOULD be seeking help on. Depression is treatable through medications & psychiatrists, but the best form of treatment does not come from a pill or doctor, it's somebody reaching out to show how much they care & showing that individual that their lives mean something in the world & they are destined for great things. Those with severe cases of depression struggle with the choice as to whether to continue with how things are, seek help if they want a change or simply end it all...in the worst way possible. In some cases, it may only take one abusive individual to push a person with depression to the breaking point, to the point they don't want to deal with it anymore & end their life in the blink of an eye, hoping nobody will notice, in some cases EXPECTING nobody will. But we always do notice when we lose a loved one, so extend your love & generosity to those you know are struggling with depression, but don't smother them with it, because too much can sometimes have an adverse effect of the intended.

I am a victim of depression, I write this from the heart & have a hard time stopping the tears from coming because I know it to be true & an every day problem for those like me. I don't seek help from others, but may speak to people if things are particularly bothersome & a few friends where there when I needed to get some issues out. I feel like I am somewhat of an advocate for those of my friends that have depression & in some cases have talked them out of wanting to end it all. It's always hard to lose a loved one & even harder for those who were lost by their own hand. I have lost friends & family alike to the ultimate demise of depression & I won't lie, I've even considered this myself; on days where I struggle with the abuse of others, I sometimes wonder the same things I have stated in the first sentence of this publication & even consider joining those who have gone before me.

I am currently in training for a new job, so I believe I'm doing okay, but do have the stresses of the new job, learning how to do it on the fly & the fear of termination for asking too many questions to understand how to do it or screwing it up before I even get a chance to prove myself. I had trouble sleeping on December 1st, 2016, possibly for a number of reasons, but as I lay in bed, the turmoil of those with depression came to mind, perhaps not so much for myself, although perhaps subconsciously without my realizing it.

If you know somebody is dealing with depression, let them know you care whenever you have a spare minute & let them know they are important in your life. Spending time with a depression sufferer can help them cope with it, lessening the time they have to let this debilitating disability push them to the breaking point. A little bit of love can go a long way, likewise standing up for them against a bully will have the same effect, if not more than showing you care in other ways. Bullies are terrorists & don't have a place in society, yet they are a part of every day lives regardless of whether we want them to exist or not. Children deal with bullies every day & in schools this often times goes unnoticed, but child suicides are the ones we hear about most in the news. We need to take a stance against this & make the world better not only for those with depression, but also for those who may not have fallen victim to debilitating disabilities like depression or others that may cause a person to lose interest, gain physical health problems & receive physical injuries because we were just bystanders that chose not to get involved. Sure I understand we have to look out for our own safety, but if we do nothing to stop it, then nothing good will come of it. The more we take a stance against bullying, the less it will happen, but it will never die out; all we can do is try to put a stop to what we witness (even if it means calling the Police or other authority-figure), perhaps our message will be heard & bullies with reconsider their path.

The apology the instructor provided did make the issue of needing to ask questions a little easier, but still my assessments on situations were still being dismissed as if the probability of a possible fix to issues meant nothing, similar to getting the impression that people think you don't know what you're talking about.  He also explained the reason for it, which was completely understandable from what I heard, he was going through some issues with his family & I told him not to worry about it.

On Thursday, the wireless router ended up getting fixed (as apposed to not giving a connection the entirety of Wednesday when it was brought up) & I had a decent signal to make my own calls from my own phone (over the Xfinity Connect app seeing as my phone didn't have service & this is only because I currently can't afford it, which would be equally accurate if you consider I'm getting less than $800 per month disability, plus $200 in food stamps & my living expenses are closer to $1100 per month, however with my father being the manager of the rental I'm living at, he works with me on the rent so I don't get kicked out for not being able to pay the rent, but I still pay what I can each month & the rest gets put on a tab I'm going to have to pay off when I have the ability to...that's getting close to $10,000 in back-rent at this point).  I took a call myself (again over the instructors credentials as I didn't have mine yet), which I felt was going pretty well except for the fact the mic on my cell was having some issues making it hard for the customer to hear me, but this wouldn't have been a problem once I started working at home & was using my wireless phone.  When I felt I had completed the ticket, I was ready to call back the customer to let him know the tasks that needed to be done were completed, but ran into a snag; the calls from the call center phone line weren't being forwarded to my cell phone...  I remote accessed my computer at home through TeamViewer (also installed on my cell) to try & figure out what the cause for it was.  I couldn't figure out how to fix it that night & was hoping I would be able to get it fixed on Friday, otherwise I wouldn't be able to complete training...  There was another problem; the remote access software also crashed after I had closed the ticket, so I lost the link to the survey, which was pasted into the field to push the URL to their computer once we reconnected to his computer.  Because of the phone problem, the instructor had to complete the call on one of the training computers (do to not starting back up after the crash of the software) & the survey was never sent because of the remote access software crash before the link could be sent...  I'm certain I would have gotten high marks on this call were the survey properly sent, but I found out later that the marks wouldn't have made a difference anyways, as the full reality of the situation hit me the following day.

Friday morning, I noticed an email from the instructor (actually sent at 11:52 PM last night, but wasn't noticed until this morning as I forgot to start my email program back up after updating it) stating that we wouldn't be moving forward with my training, he had been put on a hiring freeze & management were refusing creation of my credentials, so there was really no way I could continue work even if I did complete the training...  I somewhat expected this was going to happen, as I overheard the two guys working on the wifi on Thursday talking a lot about firing people.  While I was hearing it, I was hoping I wasn't being included in that discussion, but I expected that was probably the case; it was pretty well confirmed when they noticed I was looking at them, they lowered their voiced much lower & went a little further down the hallway (although they seemed to have no problem with the other trainee hearing it; I'm certain he could if he was on the other side of the cubicle separator in the same area they were talking).  I don't know if this will effect the other trainees position, as it was stated he had completed training & didn't need to come back on Friday; he needed to make a trip back to the state he lived in anyways & had taken time off from his other job to come up here & go through training.  What I do know is I received no job out of this situation & likely no pay for the tickets I completed over the instructors credentials, however that's still to be confirmed...  It was at this time I decided I needed to write a review about this, but it wasn't going to be published immediately as that friend I have in the company is still working there & I don't want this review to effect his position; if you are seeing this review now, then it should be obvious that he is no longer working there.

The problem here is the work I did do (however little it may have been) I got literally nothing out of it but wasted time & my father wasted about 80 miles (to & from) of gas taking me out there on the first day.  I did 3 tickets, not much I admit, but that should have at least given me $30, but because I had no credentials, I didn't get any of it & the instructor actually got credit for those tickets.  Another thing to note is there was an individual that got fired on the first day of the training (not a trainee, but an actual employee).  While I can't argue with the reason for him being fired, the manager fired him under the reason of employment abandonment specifically so he wouldn't be able to collect unemployment.  Seems there are some dirty dealings going on in this company & I'm going to see what can be done to get the company audited for tax fraud.

UPDATE:  After telling the bad news to my parents on 12/2/2016, I started getting hassled by my father about it to call back the instructor & request full time.  I explained that it was a hiring freeze according to what the instructor sent me via email, but at the time it was expected that the hour cap requested by the instructor (not necessarily my request, but I agreed with it) was the reason why management imposed the hiring freeze, but after sending the email regarding going full time & telling him why we expected it happened, he responded that the hiring freeze was already in effect before the training even started, but somebody dropped the ball & ServerPlus never got the notice...  Regardless, one person did get hired because the credentials got created despite the hiring freeze, even though I squat...  The last thing that was asked over email was when the hiring freeze was over, if I could re-apply for a position.  I never got a response to this question, which makes me wonder whether the reason given (a hiring freeze) is actually legit or just an excuse to drop me from getting hired; the trainee that did get hired was told he had completed the training & could head home a day early, it's possible this was cleaning up outlets to find out whether there was actually a hiring freeze or not through him as I had his number when we were testing forwarding from my home line to my cell via Xfinity Connect & called him on Tuesday when the instructor took a sick day to verify whether he had been contacted about it because I had my suspicions (my suspicions were incorrect on Tuesday, but the instructor did forget to call him; he stated that he did call him about the sick day, but I didn't find out until Wednesday from the instructor that it was actually the trainee that contacted the instructor after he had already gotten to the facility, which is also when I found out that the 3 training had quit after the first day).  I still don't know if that other trainee is going to get a rude awakening that the training he did was all for naught or if they're going to allow him to stay since the creation of his credentials slipped through the cracks...or if he won't hear anything about it because maybe the "hiring freeze" is possibly a lie...

I also talked to my friend about this later in the day (the one that told me about he job & was hired at the time this review was written).  I gave him the details about what had happened, along with quite a rant about what had also happened with my parents after I told them about it earlier in the day.  He heard me out & allowed me to blow off some steam, said that I should have gotten paid for what I did regardless of not being able to work for the company, but I'm not sure how that would work when I wasn't actually listed as a legitimate employee because my credentials were never created; I suppose I could make a complaint with the IRS & let them figure it out, although my father has ties with the IRS from his career as a CPA, so he'd have better luck doing it than I would.

Another thing that this friend stated when I gave the name of the person that got fired was that he was in training with him, so he must not have been working there for more than 3 weeks; even if he could collect on unemployment, it wouldn't be that much with so little time put into it, but the company chose to screw him over with a label so he couldn't collect regardless...  I suppose the question would be whether he still had unemployment coming from anther job & this label would effect his ability to continue collecting it from that job (this would be something to ask my father about, him being a CPA; it's not something I would know myself), because this would open a whole shitstorm of financial fraud when the IRS audits ServerPlus & they get hit with fines for every time they did it (how long that's been happening, I can't say for certain, but I noticed a clause in their documents as I was filling them out applying for the job, so seems they feel those documents allow them to commit financial fraud to punish people at will).

About midnight, I decided to see if that online account was still there where I digitally signed the forms for what was supposed to be my new employment; it appears the account is still there & hasn't been deactivated yet...  I went into it to try & find some of the forms I ended up signing for proof of the statements made in this review, however seems I can't find them in that account information & I'm not able to clear the data (social security number, address, phone number, name, emergency contact, etc.) from the profile either; the only thing I could do was remove the direct deposit information, which hopefully will remove my bank account from it so they can't tamper with, although I definitely intend on reporting it as fraud to my bank if I notice any suspicious activity & pointing them in the direction of this company.  Furthermore I think it might be smart to get some credit monitoring going to make sure that they aren't misusing my social security number for further fraudulent activity (again, this will definitely be reported if it happens & I'll be pointing the authorities in their direction).

UPDATE:  On 12/03/2016, I decided to do some searching online to find out what other past employees had said about the company & most were complaining about getting docked for whatever reason or poor benefits.  Can't argue with the poor benefits, they really do nothing to save you any money if you have to use it, but it does keep you from getting fined for not having insurance, although I hardly find that worth it & you shouldn't really rely on health benefits provided through this company (even the trainer stated this).  As for getting docked, I never really even got past training, so I can't really comment on that...

After I started seeing these reviews, I also decided to see if I could find the ad on KSL, I found it pretty quickly:

This was literally listed the same day I was told there was a hiring freeze, so there was no reason why it should be here if that was accurate unless they simply forgot to remove it when they found this out.  Needless to say, I reported it through KSL report function.

After I reported the ad, I decided to go & remove the scanned copy of my social security card & photo ID, however noticed that when I accessed it at about midnight, the profile on the secondary site had been deleted, so I wasn't able to access it anymore.  Likely they realized I was still going through it last night & noticed I had gone over pretty well every page I could find a link to, although I'm pretty certain they didn't know the reason for it.  I was backing up as much of it as I could in PDFs & JPGs just in case this matter ever went to court or I had to report them for fraud for (possibly for identity theft using my social security number or accessing my bank account, where they shouldn't be if I'm not an employee under them), which I think is very possible I may have to (the KSL ad was reported for fraud seeing as I couldn't push it through without a reason), seeing as they already committed fraud by not paying me for the work I did & I expect firing that employee on the first day under the reason of employment abandonment specifically to make sure he couldn't file for unemployment (this is no assumption, the trainer specifically stated this in front of the trainees while talking to management over the phone) could also be considered as tax fraud.  The only reason why I haven't contacted the IRS yet is because of that friend still working for them, however reporting the ad might just be the kicker that has them retaliate & effect his job, which will be the point this review goes live (at this point in the review, it still hasn't been published, only being worked on so it can be published when that friend is no longer working there).

UPDATE:  I checked back on KSL the following day (12/4/2016) at 8:40 AM to see if they had relisted the ad, the original one was once again back there.  Last night I was looking into reporting the matter to the Federal Trade Commission for fraud, but decided I better get a few alternative opinions first, maybe speak to a legal councilor.  In any case, even if re-applying for the job was an option (provided the hiring freeze was accurate, however I highly doubt that at this point), I don't think I would want to work for a company that is this dishonest & will use illegal means to make sure you don't get paid for the work you've done.  I don't expect my father will listen to me on the matter & it will only result in further flak from his trying to speak to him about it, but this company needs to get audited for their activity, because that might be the only thing that is going to put them in their place & makes things better for past employees & those who have been wronged by not getting hired & stiffed on the work they may have done during training using a false reason to put the blame on the parent company.

UPDATE:  I contacted my father via email after I made the last update, trying to coax him into using his contacts with the IRS through his career as a CPA to put these bastards in their place:

Looks to me like it's probably a good thing I didn't get hired by this company, as it looks like they may be committing a whole bunch of tax fraud on top of screwing over applicants & past employees...  I did some searching online last night, found reviews of the company from past employees where they stated they could get docked on pay for any reason, benefits were poor (that's putting it lightly, they really do little in lowering the cost of services) & ratings in general as an employee of the company was very low (probably an average of 1.8 out of 5).  The reason they didn't hire me appears to have been an excuse so they wouldn't have to pay me (should have gotten $30 for the 3 tickets I did anyways, would have had more tickets if not for the fact somebody dropped the ball on creation of credentials, but the original agreement was $200 on completion of the training & it appears they used the lack of credentials as a loophole to make a false excuse so they wouldn't have to pay me) & this is likely why [censored] didn't respond to the question (and likely won't) about re-applying should the hiring freeze be lifted.  I found that ad on KSL last night & sent a report to KSL explaining what happened when I attempt to apply for this job, stating that there should have been a hiring freeze according to the information given to me; the ad was removed last night, but I found it back in the same place this morning, so it's obvious the excuse they gave me was a lie so they wouldn't have to pay me for the work I did.

The first day of training, somebody also got fired over the phone in front of the training session.  After he got fired, management called [censored] & it was discussed that he got fired for the reason of employment abandonment SPECIFICALLY for the reason so he couldn't collect unemployment.  While I don't disagree he needed to be fired & perhaps under the conditions the reason was accurate, but that reason was applied specifically for that reason, as it was discussed with management over his phone after he got fired.  [censored] told me he was in the same training session as he was, so he's only been working there for around a month anyways, so not sure he could collect on it unless he had a previous job that he was still able to collect unemployment on, so this company is malicious from what I can see & I don't think I want to re-apply for them...

I think I'm going to need to get some credit monitoring (if only temporary, I can get something through [censored]) to make sure they don't misuse my social security number or illegally access my bank account.

I don't know if you still have contacts with the IRS, but I would consider bringing this to the attention of the IRS, because I'm expecting an audit on their company would result in a whole bunch of fines accumulated over the years & perhaps the only thing that would straighten them out...  I know you're probably going to tell me to get bent & find another job, but as a CPA (or at least a former CPA), wasn't it your duty to report tax fraud when you were aware of it?

I'm certain if they were audited, they would EASILY get heavy fines accumulated over the years (2 instances of fraud in the week I was going through training, do the math for 15 years if you go by their ad).  I don't expect my father will go for it, but his son was a victim of fraud by this company & likely further fraud in the future, which is why I'm intending on getting some credit monitoring so I'll be aware of any further fraudulent activity this company may attempt to pull using my personal information; I already intend on sending the authorities their way should I see anything that is definite fraud (I won't get into the details of the possibilities, but anything is possible under the potential of identity theft).

On 12/7/2016, I got an email notification from Social Security that there was an update in my case.  As I already expected, SSI wanted verification on the job I got (due to the forms I filled out), but they were unaware that I didn't actually have the job due to lack of credentials & the excuse of a hiring freeze (which I don't actually believe at this point).

I called SSI to explain the situation & the individual I was speaking to about it seemed blown away by what had happened; I was also talking to my disability case manager during a home visit about this & he also believed there was some dirty business going on there (he didn't elaborate on that, but it was obvious he had the same opinion I had).  SSI still wanted verifications, but there was nothing I could provide about the job since I didn't actually get anything I could provide, so I asked if the email from the trainer was okay (reading it off to her); she stated that would be fine.

After I finished the call, I spent probably over a couple hours getting information together & printed to be mailed to SSI.  In this letter to SSI, the following was stated (personal information censored):

I do not know where the name of EMPLOYER SOLUTIONS GROUP OF IDAHO, INC. comes from, but it is true I applied for a position with ServerPlus, where the job was supposed to allow me to work from home (after training) over the internet & phone. The supervisor/trainer ([censored]) dropped the ball on requesting my credentials, therefore mine didn't get created when the other trainees did & mine had be requested in a follow-up after we realized that they had not been created. I started training on 11/28/2016 & was supposed to last the entirety of the week. In the end there was only 3 days of training, as [censored] took a sick day on Tuesday & told the only remaining trainee other than myself ([censored]) that he didn't need to come back on Friday; he could head back home (living in another state, taking time off work to come to Utah & train), but he wanted him to do some startup work over the weekend.

I was supposed to continue training on Friday, but I received an email from [censored] at 11:52 PM on Thursday stating that there was a hiring freeze that they were unaware of, so because my credentials weren't created, I wouldn't be able to complete training & he apologized for taking up my week on training, not getting a job in the process. I don't believe the entirety of his statement, as if you search ServerPlus on KSL.com, you will notice the REMOTE SUPPORT TECHNICIAN job is still on there. Furthermore when I asked if I could reapply when the hiring freeze was lifted via email, I received no response. I not only didn't get the job, but also didn't get paid for the work I did during training (the original agreement was $200 at the end training, but I wasn't concerned about that as I only completed 3 tickets due to the confusion of my credentials not being created; those tickets were completed on [censored]'s credentials, but I should have at least received $30 at $10 per ticket, where I didn't get anything out of it). At this point I do not know if [censored] still has a job under them either...

Another thing to point out was that an employee that had been working there for about a month ([censored] if I remember correctly) was fired over the phone on the first day of training after not working during Thanksgiving week; I can't disagree with the fact he needed to be fired or the reason of it (employment abandonment), but I find it suspicious that [censored] specifically stated he fired him for that reason to make sure he couldn't file for unemployment (talking to management over the phone about it). All these reasons together makes me think there might be some mass tax fraud going on in the company (according to their ad, the business has been running for 15 years; this happened over a period of 3 days, not including Tuesday), but without an audit of the company payroll records, we may never know the truth of that...

On the other side of that document, I also gave some contacts (not that I expect SSI contacting them for verification will warrant favorable results, which is why I made it a point to explain what happened & the possibility of fraud in the company):

While I can not provide proof of employment (mainly because I still don't have a job even after what happened), I will include what I can to prove the situation that happened between 11/28/2016 & 12/1/2016.

Company: ServerPlus
Address: 555 South State Street
Orem, Utah 84058
Email ([censored]): m???.v??????.itok@gmail.com
Phone ([censored]): (385) ###-0257
First Contact (phone): (801) ###-8283
(female individual)
Email application: l????&serverplus.com
(given to me by the female to apply for position & send resume)
KSL ad URL (12/1/2016): http://www.ksl.com/jobs/listing/682057
KSL ad search URL: http://www.ksl.com/jobs/search/keywords/serverplus

Furthermore the first of 6 pages of emails (going back to the first contact via email) was printed & sent SSI; the top response in that email print out was:

[censored], I regret to in form you that we will not be moving forward with your training. I had a meeting with Bask management late tonight. I was told that the project has been put on a hiring freeze until further notice. They are refusing to issue your credidentials. I am sorry for taking up your week. I realize that this is a huge inconvience for you.

Thank you

On another matter, I've been hearing over the news about scams & identity theft from work at home jobs, stating they should report the matter to the FBI.  I've considered this in the past, but didn't think the FBI would deal with it, but this gives me a belief that they might (if my assumption that they have my Hotmail account blacklisted isn't correct, perhaps I should try a different email address).  I didn't want to do anything until my friend was no longer working there as I expected retaliation against him for referring me to the job; when I spoke to him later about that, he mentioned that he hesitated to even give me a contact for them expecting I wouldn't be able to do the job & seems he thought it would effect his employment with them also, which after what I've witnessed & became a victim of in the period of 3 day (not including the contact from SSI nearly a week later), I already expected that would be the case.  The publication of this review was expected to be followed up with a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, however if what the news is stating is correct, I might just file an internet complaint with the FBI (from a different email address than the one I've used in the past) instead (the FTC may not cover this situation anyways as it deals with employment rather than being a customer).  I think it is highly likely SSI will file for an audit of the company after the information I have given them about the company & what happened, however I may want to contact the FBI regardless as they may be misusing my social security number, bank accounts & other personal information provided when I applied for the job (I'm already looking into credit protection/monitoring)...

UPDATE:  The trainer was contacted on 12/11/2016 via email to expect contact from SSI, he responded within 2 minutes giving me an email that they would need to contact.  I called SSI the next day to give them this information to be appended to my statement that was mailed on 12/7/2016 (telling them they should expect to receive it at least by the 12th).  I received notice later that week that the forms had been received & I remained eligible for food stamps (although it did end up dropping a little; nothing was said in that letter about disability income or Medicaid/Medicare, but benefits on their site stated that I was still going to receive them, I figured I'd find out for sure the beginning of the year, where I did receive my check as normal with a $2 p/m increase based on adjusted living expenses, not because of the review sent).

UPDATE:  On 1/3/2017, my friend called me & stated that he had been fired from the job.  From what he told me, seems like the reason for being fired may have been accurate, but in any case I was waiting until he was no longer working there to publish this article, so now it's time to do so.  This review is now public as of 1/4/2017.

Last updated 1/4/2017

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