Dungeon of the Endless
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This game is quickly becoming one of my favorite games. I didn't think much about it when I saw the screenshots, but I can tell you the screenshots don't do the game justice.


The game is random enough that it keeps it interesting, you never know what you're going to run into. The game is semi-turn-based, where turns are based off real-time action when you open a door or when you're "running" (used loosely) the crystal to the exit; in a sense a type of wave either when you open a door or pick up the crystal until you kill all enemies or move onto the next floor. There is a pause feature, so you don't have to fly all over the map making split-second decisions while the action is running, but you do have to be quick in your decisions with numerous enemies advancing on your position or already attacking your characters/equipment.


The game does fall short in some areas where rogue-likes would excel, such as character generation: unfortunately characters are pre-defined & don't leave any room for customization, but you can at least have the game randomly pick from a list of available characters if you don't have any favorites/preferences in what characters you play with. Also leveling up your characters can be a bit confusing, as it took me a while to figure it out as it's not automated or through normal methods (you have to do this from the character screen); there's no customization/skill trees to choose how you want to develop your character, you just get whatever skill is next on the list for that character on level up.

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