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So I got this game on PS3 during the last Christmas sale & I can honestly say I'm (at least somewhat) regretting the purchase.  The game itself isn't bad, but multiplayer introduces a whole SHITLOAD of problems with no way to deal with it other than perhaps logging into a single player lobby to avoid them.  Let's get down to the pros & cons (color-coded to indicate whether an issue is caused by players themselves rather than the Bandi/Namco):




Spammer/Griefer Rant:
I have been taking screenshots of lengthy spam sessions from morons who would rather sit in the game & grief people with their constant spamming rather than actually playing the game, piecing them together, uploading them to this site, then linking them in the discussions tab on my YouTube channel, however now I am going to make a list of all spammers to date that I have proof of their spamming (all PSN/PS3 users):

List last updated 12/27/2016

NOTE:  Numbers indicate instances of spamming when in parenthesis with the word screenshot or video.  If there are two links with the same number, it means it's a multi-part instance (typically this means screenshots before videos); you can mouse over those links to get further information on what part belongs to what link.  Numbers in the response section means there have been multiple responses from that user.  If there is a vertical line symbol (|) in between the numbers on screenshots, videos or responses, it means there was an alteration between instance & contact or they were contacted back after they contacted me.

The instance on April 9th, 2016 was enough that I just shut off the game & started writing this review, which I've been meaning to do for a while, but this 3-person spam session running for easily over a half hour was enough to push me to get it done.  Were it not for the fact that I didn't have the ability to use my video capture device at the time of this disgusting behavior, I would have probably uploaded a video of the constant spamming rather than doing screenshots, because I probably could have uploaded 50 screenshots of over 500 continuous spam messages & still not get to the end of it.

On May 7th, the spamming by PSN user GSTNIGHTMAE was so extensive that I couldn't get it all in a pieced together screenshot because due to the sheer level of that individual was putting out in spam, so I started recording a video of it knowing I wouldn't be able to keep up with the level of spam before it disappeared & will likely be doing so in the future rather than attempting screenshots when it's particularly bad as it was this time.

UPDATE:  On 10/26/2016, a PSN user who has been named on this page decided to retaliate through other networks beyond just YouTube.  In this case they also targeted my Twitch channel, however seeing as they did not confirm their email address, they were only able to harass me & my subscribers through whispers.  Both wondersuc & personsitespamm were blocked from my channel, reported & ignored to Twitch within a matter of minutes.  Furthermore it became obvious I would need to make a Twitch user blacklist, as it seemed apparent this was going to become a regular issue from this little deviants that they were not going to take the matter of being publicly named lightly, yet all they're doing it making more of a name for themselves & proving how much of a shithead they can actually be.

UPDATE:  As of April of 2019, PSN now allows for name changes & this may result in some of these names no longer being accurate anymore due to name changes to avoid negative facts getting out on these individuals, however the names were accurate at the time the information was published.  Seeing as the PSN block & friend lists are extremely limited (only ranging at around 50 people each), I didn't have the ability to keep everybody on my block list that wanted to show how much of a lowlife they could be, so I don't have the ability to track their name changes either (perhaps only through my secondary account where the retaliation was bad enough that they needed to be blocked twice).

Special notes for griefer list last updated 4/16/2019

The final thing I have to say about this game is if you have a high tolerance to complete fucking morons & enjoy games in the Dragon Ball series, this game might be a good buy.  If you have a low tolerance to morons who would rather cause problems than actually play the damn game, then avoid this game like the plague.

I'm going to reiterate that this is a review for the PlayStation 3 version, as I have not played any other versions.  There is the possibility that the PC version may be better optimized & built towards multiplayer.

UPDATE:  There has been a recent update to the game on PS3, but I can't find any notes regarding what that update has done, so I can't go into a lot of detail on it.  What I can say is I noticed an option to upload your save for the game, however given I haven't tried it yet, I'm still not sure exactly how this works, so for the time being the review is just getting an additional note rather than an update to the main part of it.

The spamming is still present, however I have noticed that it doesn't appear to last as long.  It is very possible that the game had a chat overflow added to it to cut off those doing excessive spamming, but without update notes, that's really hard to tell.  The only way I could find out for sure would be to spam myself until I get cut off, but I wouldn't want to grief others in the way legit spammers do, so if I were going to do it, I'd do it in a Single Lobby & I can't say for certain the rules would be the same as opposed to a Multi-Lobby.  So for the time being, this is also being added as an additional note until I can actually verify this to be the case.

Review last updated 3/5/2017

UPDATE:  After much deliberation, it has been determined that Bandai/Namco is making it a point to attack my YouTube channel in response to this (mostly) negative review on their game, much like Wild Game Studios did against Total Biscuit (a.k.a. Cynical Brit) on his negative review of Day One: Garry's Incident.  Only the publisher can file copyright complaints against videos on community media sites, where Bandai/Namco is already aware of videos of griefers that spam the game into oblivion based on a thread started on their forums (the forums now disabled, however the link will open a PDF backup to what was there before they got disabled) directly linking to videos on my channel (ironically only my stream page was getting flagged, not griefer/technical difficulty videos, however it is believed they were targeting the link on the page pointing to this review).  So this is deliberate abuse of copyright complaints against media on YouTube to lash back against negative reviews against their game (it's not the first time it's happened, but perhaps the first time I know about from a big name company; previously I had only heard of indie companies doing it).  One thing that pushes this belief further is that directly before my first stream of the video was prematurely ended with a violation of service notice from YouTube, there was a viewer that was stating that the sequel was out & was apparently trying to get me to hurry & buy at; my response to the attempted build in hype was that I was not in any hurry to get the sequel if Bandai/Namco couldn't fix the problems in the original game & so far the lack of response in the thread regarding the review (primarily the spamming problem) would give the impression they are ignoring the issue entirely, however the complaints against my YouTube Channel would state otherwise.  So this is deliberate abuse of YouTube copyright policies to retaliate against those writing negative reviews against their products.

It seems it is time for me to write a negative review against the publishers themselves; I wasn't intending on starting a public boycott against them unless they banned my access to the game, but that will be the next step if either that happens or my YouTube account gets terminated in response to their complaints.  It is because of these constant attacks on my channel that I originally forced moderation of comments & disabled viewing of ratings on videos, in the end deciding that public listing is no longer a path I wish to pursue & have opted to take the private listing only available to subscribes to my new video blog (accessible only on request) to help mitigate further attacks in the future.  Further details about what has led up to this decision can be found on the YouTube review located here.

UPDATE:  At this point, I am boycotting all further purchases of anything with the Bandai/Namco logo on it or is a part of their franchise.  Details about the review of the company can be found here, while the boycott against them can be found here.

Technical Difficulties videos/playlist

Wall of Shame videos/playlist

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