Banned from SomethingAwful.com

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Looks like SomethingAwful.com is trying to keep me from accessing their site to avoid a lawsuit.  I tried to access the site today to find out that I was getting a white screen (banned) when I tried to access it.  I can change my IP at any time however seeing as I'm on a dynamic IP.  If they do manage to fully ban me however, I will be sending a lawsuit their direction.

I have backed up the pages that are referring to my site in case they are needed as proof in a legal dispute.  Should they try to ban me again, the next step is to make an Internet Crimes complaint targeting SA.  Given that they are trying to ban people from reading the trash that their users are posting rather than removing content that may cause a legal dispute, I am no longer giving them the option of getting it removed from my site.  I will also be banning all traffic from that site since their users were the instigators in this dispute.

UPDATE:  I managed to implement some code to block traffic from that site automatically so I won't have to bother with IP bans anymore.  I'll still be watching my visitor logs, but I don't expect I'll need to ban IP after IP anymore unless they try hacking access to restricted pages.

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