Medicaid still believes I am not paying my expenses

Contacted Medicaid again the morning of 9/24/2018, as was to be expected, they are still under the assumption that I am living with somebody else & not paying my "fair share" of the expenses.  Under this incorrect assumption of theirs, they are figuring in additional income that shouldn't be there & that's what has them believing I need to pay spendowns & premiums to continue receiving medical insurance.

I informed the worker during this call that that value & assumption was incorrect & their decision of my having to pay these additional expenses (Medicaid spendown & Medicare premiums), as well as the severe drop in Food Stamps is why I have already contacted my doctors & case managers to let them know I won't be able to continue using them beyond the month of September, because I wouldn't be able to afford the insurance under their decision.  I reiterated that this mean I had no more doctors, case managers, medications, antibiotics, inhalers & so on, because of THEIR decision making Medicaid unaffordable.

I stated that I would not be attempting to correct this matter myself, I would be contacting them back with my representative on the line or getting the appeal filed & would not be continuing any of my disability treatment until it was corrected.  Needless to say, mentioning a representative changed the tone on the worker I was talking to & he was in a hurry to get off of the call (which was fine by me, I had opted in on the survey this time because I knew this would be the result when I started the call).

After I got off the call & completed the survey after the call had ended, I sent an email to my father to let him know we were going to need to file that appeal, as the result of the decision was as I expected, they have a fraudulent value added to my case due to a misunderstanding on their part (which had already been corrected 2 or 3 years prior, repeating the process every year, but never did get corrected in the year of 2017).  I will let my case manager know on the 26th that we are going to appeal the decision made by Medicaid, however until the issue is resolved, I can't use them, seeing my doctors or continue taking medications until this colossal screwup on Medicaid's part is resolved...

UPDATE:  In a second call to the Utah Department of Workforce Services (with my father on the call with me), we were able to make Medicaid realize that at least for the past 3 months, I was able to pay the entirety of my living expenses (the main thing being the rent), however I was just barely scratching by.  I was enough to have Medicaid put me back into the Medicare Cost Sharing program, but not enough to get them to back off on saying that I still need to pay a Medicaid spendown to continue receiving medical coverage...  The irony in this is that if I have to pay the Medicaid spendown, then I can't pay the entirety on the rent & we're back in the same place as before they put me back on it.  It doesn't matter how you look at it, regardless of what happens, I'm still going to get cut from medical coverage, I would suspect the same even if I can get the rent lowered (I've managed to get a couple of the utilities includes in the rent, but still have to pay electricity, gas & phone/internet myself).  This decision by Medicaid is a trap that is ultimately going to succeed in what I believe they are shooting for, that being that they are attempting to cut me off from being covered for medical expenses.  The only way I would be able to the spendown/premiums would be to live in a slum or with a roommate (and a roommate is not an option where I'm currently living)...  It takes a special kind of stupid to not be able to understand that you can't pay over $1400 in living expenses (when you consider the drop in Food Stamps to a mere $20 & the $220 Medicaid spendown on top of normal expenses) with less than $1200 in income...

Last updated 9/27/2018

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