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Spyware Nuker

I decided to start this boycott when I had purchased rights to their spyware scanner from www.nuker.com along with the backup disc for their software. About 2 months after purchasing the disc, I started to wonder why my backup disc hadn't gotten to me yet.

I contacted them & asked them why I hadn't gotten my backup disc yet. They tried to tell me that I had only purchased the rights for the program, not the backup disk. This was a $25 difference that they were trying to rip me off for. The arguements went back & forth for about 3 months; even showing them the purchase on my bank statement wasn't enough.

I did mention sometime within those three months that I was going to take them to court, seeking reimbursement for what I spent, lawyer fees & whatever else I could get out of them; anything to SHUT THEM DOWN. At this point, they disabled my software remotely over the internet. The software was now useless.

I decided to take a different approach & talked with my bank about it. They said it had been too long after the incident for them to do anything until I mentioned that I had been arguing with them about it for 5 months already. My bank told me to come back with proof of the arguements & they would put in a claim for retrieval of funds.

I came back the next day with at least 12 pages of emails between them & I. My bank immediately put in a claim against them. After about half a month, they said that they had talked them into sending me the backup disc. I thought this was great, but I didn't see how a backup disc was going to help when they had remotely disabled the software.

I contacted them again that night & asked them if they were going to re-enable my software so it was usable. Once again they said that there was nothing that they could do & they weren't even going to send me the disc now. I contacted my bank the next day & told them to follow through with the claim.

After about a month, I got a letter from my bank stating that the money had been refunded. I figured it was all over with & I could go on with my life.

About a year after buying the software, I decided to contact them back & let them know they should feel extremely lucky. Because I was able to get my money back, I would not be suing them.

The next day, I got another letter from my bank stating that there was indeed an error & the money was being returned in full. It turns out that the reimbursement was not finalized. The truth was that they were holding that money over my head in case I DID sue them.

Personally I'd hate to see this happen to anybody else, which is why I started an online review about it years ago. It had appeared that the site was taken down sometime ago, but I found that the is site is still running & selling. What makes this issue worse is that I found later with another scan that Spyware Nuker actually installs it's own spyware on your computer, which I had to remove with the new scanner. These are some of the most dishonest people I know & I would hope that this testimony will caution people to steer clear of these lowlifes.

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