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The Sims Console Games

I made this decision when Action Replay made the decision to pull the uncensor codes for The Sims games. These codes along with a number of others were pulled after they released a code to unlock the coffee shop mode in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, that ultimately changed the rating for the game to AO.

I personally can't stand censoring, which is why I usually stay away from those games unless I can find an uncensor cheat/patch/MOD. Considering they're all over the place on the web for PC games, I will still play The Sims games on the PC, but I will no longer purchase them on the console unless I can find an uncensor code.

I was tempted to boycott Action Replay in this case also, but I decided to boycott The Sims games instead letting the makers of the game know that that was the reason why I was doing it.

Anyways, this is my boycott: I will not buy any The Sims games for console systems ever again. I will not even play the games that I have now (looking for somebody to sell them too), as I get a migraine even attempting to play them..

EA-Branded Online Console Games

I decided to start this boycott when I realized that EA never supports online play for console games for more than a year. Some of the games I had bought I never got to play online, which ended up being a waste for a game when most of the hype was for the online play. So unless the game has a killer single-player mode, I won't be buying anymore EA-branded online console games.

So this is my boycott: I will never buy another EA-branded online console game again unless I've heard that the single-player mode is better than the online mode from a trusted source.  It is unlikely when it comes to console games, but should the game have direct-IP connection, then this may be another acceptable reason to purchase a console version of that game.

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