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Black Shell Games, developer of Sanctuary RPG, should not be trusted!  The developer decided to back out of providing Steam keys for this game for previous bundle purchases, which put him on the dirty game developer list (along with a few other companies that have shown dirty tactics to keep from having to provide keys for various games, false metacritic ratings, copyright infringement for content in the game & false bans on people they believe are hooked so they have to repurchase it). As a result of this, those who previously purchased the game on various bundle sites or directly from Desura got their game downgraded to a demo version (classic version), so we all got ripped off by this developer's greed...

This review was originally posted on GOG 2/15/2015, where the review got edited after the developer contacted them regarding the review, forcefully appending the following to the beginning of my review:

GOG.com Staff Edit

There appears to be some sort of misunderstanding regarding the Groupees bundle and keys. Please see the following link the details the developer's stance, in their own, words on this entire issue http://blog.blackshellgames.com/post/111289086808/do-groupees-giveback-bundle-owners-get-steam-keys

End GOG.com Staff Edit

So those who purchased from bundle sites never got the Steam key that was promised to them by those sites under their guidelines, getting shafted by the developer & made a mockery of anybody who negatively reviewed the game for that reason.  This is a dishonest developer that deserves to have his company die & seeing as the original review I posted on GOG got force-edited under complaint of the developer, I decided it was time to move that review to my personal site & make it blatantly clear just what kind of dishonest filth they are.

One other thing to point out is this isn't the first developer to use technicalities to get around having to provide keys to Steam users for bundle purchases.  A good number of indie developers trying to pass their games through greenlight that gained publishers used the statement of wording to get out of promised keys "when the game gets through greenlight", stating that seeing as it didn't get through Steam greenlight, it was submitted after they gained a publisher, that the promise of said keys were no longer valid.  The situation with Black Shell Games & Sanctuary RPG isn't much different, as the Black Edition came out after they gained a publisher & this is where the problem originated, seeing as the original game didn't actually get released on Steam until after the publisher was gained, which under the claim of the developer, revoked any keys they were supposed to get for previous purchases.

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