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I decided to start this boycott when I attempted to get $20 cash back off of my debit card. It was originally a one-man boycott, but I decided to let the world know what happened & let them make a decision for themselves on whether this company was trustworthy or not.

The teller forgot to give me the $20 that was charged to my card & I forgot to follow up on it. When I realized I had not gotten it after I left the store, I went back to try and get it back. They said they had to count the till to find out if it was off that much. I waited for a half-hour to have them tell me that "it wasn't off by that much." They wouldn't say whether it was off more or less, but they were not going to give me my money.

I attempted to get the charge reversed with my bank, but they said they could not do it from their end. I assume this is because there are Wells Fargo banks stationed right inside their stores.

Seeing as I was not able to get the money back, I wrote a Google online review about it to let people know about it. This review was later flagged as not following the standards of Google for reviews, so I transferred it here.

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