2K is a big name game publisher responsible for big name games such as BioShock, Borderlands, Mafia, Sid Meier's Civilization, WWEXCOM.  Unfortunately the company seems to have forgotten who keeps them in business & has turned a blind eye to those that have paid for their products, only giving them the run around when they request help with said products, making some sort of excuse rather than actually than attempting to help with the matter.  In my case it was a game called Evolve, where I've spent nearly $100 on the game itself & associated DLC, where it only changed to F2P (Stage 2) & later abandonware seeing as nobody can actually get past profile errors when trying to connect to Evolve servers (meaning the best they can do with the game is play Training, but it was meant to be played as multiplayer & Training really only has any benefit over the first 3 matches in a day; experience gain gets cut off after that).

Because of what has happened over approximately a month (full site review located here), I won't be purchasing from them anymore & will be avoiding any 2K franchises in the future.  Should the issue with Evolve ever be resolved, I might end the boycott, but as it now, I won't be giving them any more of my money & this will also effect game availability in my Twitch raffles (should one be requested).  I have also unlinked any games from my my.2k.com account, as I don't see the point if they are going to give the finger to their customers (the ones that keep them in business).  2K is now dead to me, which is saying something seeing as I was a big fan of the Borderlands & WWE series, but I won't be putting my money into them anymore under this company if they don't give a shit that their customers paid good money towards these games & they're just going to give them the runaround when they request help in making them functional...

UPDATE:  On 3/5/2017, I noticed that every negative review of a 2K game on my Steam profile had been downvoted; it's expected this was 2K's doing as no other reviews were effected.  Backing this up a bit, I posted a negative review on every 2K game on my Steam account that I had the ability to (a good number of them still don't have game time on them, so those don't have reviews yet & most of the time I don't bother with DLC reviews) reviewing more the company than the games (a select few did have details about the games themselves, but I've only played a few & don't have the details to actually review the majority of 2K games on their own, but that information is expected to be added later when I have played them enough to write a review).  I knew how to reset the rating, so I did this on every single review that didn't have positive votes on them thus far; the ones that did have positive votes on them were left alone.  It's expected this will happen again in the future & I'll be sure to continue listing the dates of each attack as they happen.

UPDATE:  The boycott against 2K was ended a couple days ago when I found a workaround to the problem with connecting to the game, but this only allowed me to connect to my profile, not the multiplayer servers, so I republished this page on 3/8/2017, seeing as I'm still unable to actually play anything other than Training mode in Evolve.  A user responded to my screenshot on Steam regarding the error & stated he had the same issue before he did the Tutorial, but I ran through all 3 tutorials & no dice, so the boycott is continuing.

After making this post in the thread on the Steam Evolve forums (where I found the workaround), it became apparent that the third paragraph in that post triggered an attack on EVERY SINGLE review on my profile (positive & negative alike, even games that were no longer on Steam, so you know it was the same individual attacking my entire profile; I would expect the screenshots & videos got the same treatment & I wouldn't be surprised if my videos on YouTube were also attacked, but I disabled viewing of ratings on my YouTube channel & forced moderation of comments after the first big attack there).  The fact that they hit ever single review on my profile means it's possible it wasn't 2K doing it, but I wouldn't put it past them after they did it the first time to do just that; they obviously aren't happy about the fact that I'm being very vocal in my fight against their inexcusable neglect to their customers & I wouldn't be surprised if they started doing the same thing Namco/Bandai did.

UPDATE:  On 3/9/2017, yet another attack happened on my Steam reviews, although they cut off after the third page (last page 2K game reviews were on).  Considering it appears this is going to become a daily issue, I decided to split off the review attacks to a separate company review, which can be located here.

Last updated 3/9/2017