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eBay user slavejir_0 had a number of unopened NES games listed on his profile, 5 total when I looked at what he had listed.  My position as a middleman in this order had me bidding on 2 of them; The Legend of Zelda & Wario's Woods.  We lost the bid on The Legend of Zelda (with 4 last second bids at the end of it, the winning bid being over $1100), however we won the bid on Wario's Woods at $34 (not including shipping).

Before the bids were made, I pointed out to the buyer that the user had literally no feedback on his profile & that I had seen a scammer with this same username in the past (can't remember what network, could have been more than one).  I later pointed out that the user account had only been recently made & expected that he was scamming people when it looked like the item wasn't even going to be shipped:

He was contacted on the 8th about when the item was going to be shipped, of which I received no response:

This is the 3rd business day after this was paid for, can I ask when the item is going to be shipped?

It is now the 12th & the item doesn't appear to have been shipped yet:

It was obvious I wasn't going to be getting the item, so I filed for a refund through eBay:

I've been checking his profile for a few days now to see if anybody else had given him negative feedback on these items (those that sold for much more, especially The Legend of Zelda, so far I've seen no new feedback being added to his profile.

There are a few possibilities as to why the item was never shipped/received:

In any case, the item doesn't appear to have been shipped & definitely hasn't been received so a refund claim is now open & we'll see where it goes from there; updates will be provided to this page as the situation develops.

UPDATE:  On 3/17/2017, I had the option to escalate the matter to eBay, within a few hours, eBay has refunded the amount.  Prior to the refund being issues, the following statement was made in the refund request:

The item was ordered on 3/5/2017, the status on eBay would indicate that it was never shipped. He was contacted on 3/8/2017, to which he never responded. This refund request was opened the day after the ETA given by eBay, to which the seller still did not respond. It s expected this seller never actually had the item & further expected I m not the only person to have been scammed by him. One other item that we bid on was a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda, where the winning bid (not mine) was over $1100. I do not expect he has the item, nor do I believe he had any of the other sealed copies that we saw listed when we were looking at his items up for bid (a total of 5 when I looked at what he had). I want the money back & I want to make sure this individual is PERMANENTLY booted off eBay!

The refund seems to have been reversed by the seller themselves, not sure if they were pressured by eBay or not, but regardless the item was never even SHIPPED, so no way it would have been received...  I left the following negative feedback on his profile, netting him a -1 feedback rating:

Item was never shipped & seller didn't response. Refunded through claim.

I'm expecting to see other negative feedback showing up on his profile in the near future, as I don't expect he actually had the other items he had on his profile that people bid on either (I can only imagine how pissed the winner of the sealed NES copy of The Legend of Zelda is going to be, selling for over $1100).

UPDATE:  I noticed another feedback being added to this bastard's profile early morning on 3/19/2017, looks like he stiffed another person.  This one was for the unopened NES copy of Back to the Future, which I expect he also never had.  His feedback was as follows:

Buyer beware! Seller back of shipping item he put up for auction not trust worth

It's a little hard to understand as it appears there are errors/typos in it, but at least the rough understanding of the message is still there...

I'm waiting for the negative feedback on The Legend of Zelda, that one could have him imprisoned for some time for fraud.

Last updated 3/19/2017

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