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After the situation with Ring_of_Favor on 6/2/2017, I decided to dig into the matter a little further after deciding I needed to cut ties with gameskooled, what I found showed that I should have removed him from my friend, follow & auto-host lists some time ago...  In his stream he started tonight, it seemed that at least 3 of them were having a good laugh at the blacklist page I put up on RoF:

There is no short version of this video, click here to download the video; 600 MBs

As for what was said in the chat:

Apparently him & his lowlife buddies (RoF included) were having a good laugh at the situation & beyond the first post he made on RoF's Twitter post, what I saw & heard at the beginning of his 6/3/2017 stream solidified the fact that I should have removed him some time ago & completely removed any regret in the fact that I had to cut ties; the only regrets I do have is the extended amount of time I put into trying to help him learn Evolve after our first game together (where apparently at least 3 of us were streaming to Twitch at the same time, including myself, him & one of his friends) & the fact that I spent the time I did last night (after publishing the blacklist page about RoF) trying to hold onto a friendship that wasn't worth keeping (in all honesty, I probably would have been better just making the assumption it was over & removed him outright, where the assumption would have been right, but I try to keep opened-minded & not pass critical judgment without proof, which happened to be a mistake in this situation).  As for the ban on gameskooled's channel (whether it's active yet or not, I'm sure it will be sooner or later if I bother with his channel anymore), I don't really care about it.  This group of friends is apparently a circle that should be avoided, from what I've seen so far this includes a number of individuals, however I can't really go into naming all of them as I'm only certain of about 5 or 6 (other's could just be auto-hosts of people not exactly associated with these losers & I don't want to wrap them into the same group without actual proof; this could probably be determined by moderators in the chats on their streams, however).  It was this video where I also added FrostAsylum to the list of culprits responsible for the Free Games list once again being suspended on my channel & this time I honestly don't think I'll be bringing it back (if I do, it could be several months down the line & only when the expected retaliation to come dies down).

One final thing I need to point out is while this ban (whether active yet or not) may not be a false ban, it's follow-up to the ban put in place by RoF & retaliation to the page published on him; while technically speaking this review may be in the wrong section, collectively speaking it's in the correct section because it was carried through through a series of retaliatory actions started from the false ban by RoF.

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