Once again, another attack was directed at my Twitch channel on 10/28/2016, this time from wondertanksuc (again, then name on the account points out the reason for it's creation) & again with another threat of murder/physical harm:

This message verified what I was thinking all this time, it IS EPICMINECRAFT25 from PSN & this message message was expected as he's been attacking my channel every time I streamed to Twitch, even once when I wasn't (over account phuckwonder).  This response was further escalated due to the fact I contacted PSN via chat on the PlayStation.com website about the death threats.  Also there was the report made about the death threat sent to Twitch on the account used to make the last attack stating that I would get the law involved & have Twitch subpoenaed for his personal information to have him arrested, which I expect Twitch took further notice of because it's basically a legal threat.  Also he was contacted on the last account warning him that if there was another death threat, I would be getting the law involved (although he may not have seen it seeing as the whisper was sent some time after the report was sent to Twitch).  After this threat/abuse, I quickly responded to it while I was waiting for the Evolve match to start that I was streaming:

Congrats, you're just giving me further material for my site. And you just made another death threat, so now I'm going to get the FBI involved. Enjoy your time in prison.

Also as would be expected, Twitch received another report of threats of murder/physical harm:

This is the forth account this little bugger has harassed me through, the previous 3 being wondersuc, personsitespamm & phuckwonder.  This is also the second death threat I have gotten from this individual.  As I stated on the report on the last account (phuckwonder), I would be contacting the Internet Crimes division of the FBI & the police if I received another death threat & that's just what I'm going to do.  Expect a subpoena for what information you have on him to track him down for an arrest, however I expect the subpoena to PSN will probably be more lucrative, as he's required to have personal information on that service to use it.

At this point not only the local Police has been contacted, but also the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI with the case number, Officer's name & district of my local police station.  I am currently waiting for them to contact me back so I can provide them with the evidence of the attacks.  The information is online regardless, but they're going to need the information directly from the complainant for it to be used as evidence.

A further step I took was to block whispers from all users that were not on my Follow list, however to counteract Twitch Friends from getting blocked (as I'm not sure if Friends will be able to get past that block, there's no documentation that states this), I had to add about 10 of my followers to my Follow list as well (on top of the 3 I was actually following).  Currently the only way he's going to be able to continue to harass me using the chat protocol will be publicly, which means due to a restriction I set up, he's going to have to verify his email address on any account he makes from this point on, which is going to leave a larger footprint to track him down if Twitch can provide those email addresses to the FBI (the previous Twitch accounts were probably using bogus email accounts anyways), where they can then contact those email providers for connection information (IP/MAC addresses), to make finding him much easier.  Of course the best information to track him down will be the billing address on the credit card used for any PSN purchases on EPICMINECRAFT25, so as suggested to the FBI when I sent the complaint, it would be best to subpoena PSN for information on that account, as it's likely the billing address will take them right to him.  Of course if he hasn't purchased anything over PSN (which is unlikely given the original problem was in a game that had DLC) on that account, then the account could very likely have a bogus address on it, however PSN can track what accounts have connected to those servers by IP address & hardware ID, as well as the account purchases may have been made from based on access of purchases (including Games, DLC, Videos & Music) that were accessed from the account that was reported to the FBI.  So it don't really matter what steps he takes to avoid detection, in one way or another, he can be tracked & this is the case for any activity on the web, however usually is only relevant when it comes to hackers, trolls & internet crimes (like threats of physical harm or murder, as is relevant in this case).

Full details regarding this string of attacks, starting from the original problem in the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse can be found on the details page for PSN account EPICMINECRAFT25.

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