The Twitch username wondersuc was obviously created to troll my Twitch account, however it's even further explained from his own comments when he chose to attack my account via whisper on 10/26/2016:

The first whisper was enough to tell me where it was coming from, this is a spammer in the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse this is retaliating to the fact his username got publicly named on the web with proof of his act.  It's still undetermined what this little deviant's PSN username is, but it's expected to be one of the most recent that were contacted about it (EPICMINECRAFT25, maeha123, sebaching or taekwondista4) or possibly OpTiC_TesTer_3, after a video was located on YouTube regarding having his name publicly mentioned with proof of his spamming & reported to Bandai/Namco for it.

Shortly after I mentioned I banned his account from the stream, other account (I would expect the same user) with the name of personsitespamm started in with the attacks & the comments would make it pretty clear it was the same person (see user page for further details).

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