This is the 5th Twitch account created by PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 to harass me over Twitch after his spamming activity was made public in the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.  In this case however, he got Twitch user pinapleking to help him as the original lowlife still hasn't figured out how to get past the whisper block to continue harassing me, so he got another involved instead & I promptly let this individual know he has a police case against him already, so he doesn't want to get involved in this situation.  As with every other attack from this individual, I reported the douchebag once again, along with a link to the PSN user page for EPICMINECRAFT25, as well as a case number, Police district & Officer I spoke to about these attacks when I contacted PSN about the death threats over Twitch, as well as reporting his 4th Twitch account (wondertanksuc) for threats of physical harm.  His user profile was literally banned within 10 seconds of filing the report.

I was considering reporting pinapleking as well, however decided against it & will just include details in my ToS for use of my chat so people are aware of it before they fall into this human-filth's traps.

This video is a highlight as proof of the attacks, unfortunately I banned pinapleking directly after he quoted the lowlife that got him into it, so likely the comments are not going to be in this stream, but it will show the responses to his comments.  Next time I will leave them unbanned until after I've had a chance to re-record the video along with chat & upload it, which will be the legitimate proof of the attacks.  I should have been recording it on my secondary computer while I played, however I wasn't in this case as I wasn't certain whether he was still attempting to do it; I was honestly hoping he been arrested on the police report I made with the police after reporting his forth account to Twitch...

The username shows the reason for it's creation, created to harass one of my friends where he has a similar Twitch username.

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