An 7/14/2017, Twitch user Snowyseanred joined my channel with the obvious intentions in trolling he channel.  I was already aware that if I banned him mid-stream that his comments would be removed, this is exactly the reason why I embedded Twitch chat on the right side of my video during streams, so I would have proof of the situation even if ended up having to ban them:

This is the lower-quality, streamable version, which can be found here, however a higher-quality, downloadable version (non-streamable) can be downloaded from here; 46.1 MBs

As you can see, the trolling started fairly quickly, resulting in this immature brat getting timed out almost as quickly as he started.  Twitch user DemsGames101 also joined around the same time, I would expect was a part of it, but didn't push himself into the matter (if my assumption is right, this is very much like when PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 enlisted the help of another user to do his dirty work for him).

The ironic thing about this was I had cleared a number of the bans from my ban list only a couple days back, deciding to give people warnings through timeouts to see if they would learn before it got to the point I would need to permaban them from chat on my channel, the only bans I left standing was those relevant to the EPICMINECRAFT25 & Ring_of_Favor situations.  I believe this user was actually on my ban list before for the same lame attempts in trolling, starting up again as soon as he realized he had been unbanned...

I did attempt to report the matter to Twitch, however I couldn't successfully submit the report, every time I hit submit getting an undefined error:

Because I was unable to file the report, I decided to escalate the timeout to a full ban until I'm able to file the report (hopefully in the near future).

UPDATE:  It was later determined that this individual was in fact a contributor to Ring_of_Favor's channel, so it appears this abuse was actually retaliation to the article being written on the poor judgment on RoF's part.

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