Twitch user phuckwonder (expected to be the same Dragon Ball XenoVerse spammer as wondersuc & personsitespamm) sent another attack on 10/27/2016.  This time he not only sent an irate wall of spam, he also threw in a death threat:

I haven't sent him any messages over Twitch thus far, I've only reported, muted & blocked each account he's made over Twitch in response to this harassment (it is possible the spamming he's getting is violation emails from Twitch after getting reported) , however I am unaware whether one of my friends is spamming him or not (I'm digging into this a little further, but I'm expecting it's the same person he was also spamming on the first day of the attacks).  On this 3rd attack, I made a serious report to Twitch that if I received another death threat, I would be filing a complaint with the Internet Crimes division of the FBI & contacting the Police to have the little fucker arrested for Internet Stalking & Threats of Murder.

This is the 3rd account this deviant has sent harassment to me through whispers (the previous two being wondersuc & personsitespamm), this time he threw a death threat in with it. If I get one more of these, I'm going to be filing a complaint with the Internet Crimes division of the FBI & contacting the police on the death threats & internet stalking, at which point you will likely be getting subpoenaed for his person information so they can arrest him.

I don't actually think he can make good on those threats, but death threats are serious business regardless of whether he intends on following through on them or not, so now I'm about to get the law involved to put this little bastard in his place & make him think twice about retaliating to those pointing out his poor behavior in games (with any luck, stopping it entirely); if he gets arrested, he's going to have a long time to think about it while being locked up, however I expect he's not old enough to go to jail & may end up getting put in juvenile detention until he gets it through his angry-gamer head that he needs to rethink how he wants to game & react to others playing the same games as him.

I did decide to contact him for the first time after this attack.  In this contact, I warned him that he was going to be in trouble with the law if he continued with the death threats:

Make one more death threat towards me & I will get the law involved, where Twitch can be subpoenaed for your local address & you will be arrested for internet stalking & threats of murder. You've been warned!

Of course contacting him even though he was muted means it removed the mute, but he's still got a report on that account to Twitch stating I'm ready to get the law involved, so more than likely the account will be banned one way or another (hopefully with an IP ban as well; I wouldn't be surprised if Twitch opened a case against him with his local Police station), probably before he'll even see the message; he knows of this site however, so it's very likely he'll find this page & realize he's pushing it to the point he's going to find himself sitting in jail for some time if he doesn't clean up his act quickly.

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