PSN user eliaxgonzales ended up finding the video with his spamming in it & decided to retaliate against it over YouTube:

All videos of this game are now unlisted on due to the attacks on my YouTube channel from Namco/Bandai, so the only way he could have found it was either from the PS3 review of Dragon Ball XenoVerse (playlists at the bottom of the page) or from the video update on the Namco/Bandai regarding the review, pleading for a change to put a stop to it.

In any case, he was blocked on Google+ & any further a comments from that account will no longer appear in the moderation queue for my channel.  I'm expecting possible harassment over PSN as well, which I'll be looking for next time I start it up & publishing to further show what kind of person he is if I see it (he's likely going to need to figure out what my PSN usernames are first, although he's likely already blocked on my primary account; his English appears to be good enough that I expect if I had contacted him about it, he would have known about it some time ago, so I don't think he was ever contacted about it, only lilhomietoclean, as he was the worst of the bunch at the time the video was taken).

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1