PSN user OpTiC_TesTer_3 decided to create a video (near 6 minutes in length) in retaliation to the contact about his spamming & notification of it to Bandai/Namco.  The purpose of this video is obvious, he's trying to get people to use the contact against his spamming to penalize my contact to him & stance against him:

While he does at least acknowledge he was spamming in this video, he's making it sound like it's not that big of a deal.  I'll level with those reading this; compared to some of the most severe instances of spamming, the spamming from this individual don't even compare to those situations, but it was enough that I decided I needed to contact him about it.

I do not regret contacting him about it, but perhaps am a little disturbed about the fact he's making this big of a deal about it.  Yes Bandai/Namco was notified about it, however if Bandai/Namco doesn't give a shit about griefers in their games & the fact that it's driving off their customers, then they shouldn't be retaliating to those writing negative reviews about their games in response to their ignoring the pleas of their customers to put counter-measures into effect against it.

As for being blocked, I was talking about blocking him on my PSN list, but let's get serious here; the PSN block list cuts you off at around 50 users, I literally have over 150 PSN users on the Dragon Ball XenoVerse review alone as of 10/21/2016 (I've cycled out the entirety of the list 3 times in Destiny alone), so there's no way I could keep them all blocked & it's pointless anyways as the game doesn't honor your PSN friends or block list.  The videos purpose obviously was to get people not to add me as a friend or block me, but the fact of the matter is that if they're griefing, I won't even be attempting to add them as a friend & the block doesn't register in the game anyways.  The only thing it would do is warrant they didn't get a friend invite if one was ever sent (which means we must've played a pleasant game before or I know them in person) or prevent them from getting notification if they are griefing (in which case, they'll have no idea that they've been publicly named as a griefer).  Ironically, I don't normally send these notifications through my primary PSN account anyways (the fact that he's named my primary PSN username in this video means this was one of those exceptions & the format of the message means it was an early message when I started playing the game), so blocking my primary account won't do them a lot of good, since notifications of publication of griefing is done through my secondary PSN account, used mainly for contact outside of my friends list, allowing inbound responses (blocked on my primary account if not in my friends list) & not really used for gaming.

I fully expect my response to his video will be removed, so for the sake of making sure it will still be seen, I am providing a backup of that comment (including the description of the video & other comments at the time I left my comment, but not the video itself, although I did back it up in case I ever needed it as proof):

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Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1