On the reply from marcosgtacinco, I had to use a translator to understand what he was saying (apparently he understood what I was saying, but replied in a language I don't understand without the use of a translator).  Roughly translated, he states I've already told him about this over 100 times, which isn't exactly accurate unless he's including the spam I sent back to him over PSN (doing the same thing he was doing to see if it would get through his head that the spamming isn't funny) when I didn't have a cable to get from my PS3 to my video capture device at the time.  This was the instance that happened on April 9th, 2016, where I shut off the game, got the Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) review published, then made the thread on the Bandai/Namco forums.  If anything, there was perhaps 20 messages I sent to him over PSN to try & show him what he was causing, which he only retaliated to it, made it worse in the game & ended up getting blocked over it after over a half-hour of the constant trash going over the game (probably getting around 4 pings of new messages per second between the 3 of the spammers that were active at the time).  Another thing to point out here is that there are currently only 2 screenshots on the review page of his spamming; if I didn't have access to use my video capture device the first day this happened, then there was a third instance before the two that have been published already (1st was where I shut off the game & made some statements online about it, 2nd was when he was blocked, 3rd was when I contacted him over my secondary PSN account & he responded back).  The fact that he continues to do it regardless of people telling him off over it (and I know I'm not the only person; had a friend send me a message once that was meant for one of this human shitpiles) shows that he's not only a spammer, but also a troll.  Trolls thrive on the attention & any contact made about what they are doing only makes them increase their efforts in attempting to grief other players because they know it's working.  So far this has been the only scumbag scammer in the game that I have seen that continued to spam even after they were blocked, which proves that the game does not honor PSN blocks in any shape or form.

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