krishaun_taz ended up being another holier-than-thou douchebag, threatening lawsuits for making his griefing public.  However seeing as his first response has literally no punctuation, I'm pretty certain this is just a kid trying to shame me into removing it.  However when you look at the response with literally no punctuation whatsoever, it's pretty clear this is likely a kid that won't be able to do squat about it.  Of course he might try to get his parents to sue me, but this is only going to point out his behavior online to his parents & he might end up getting grounded due to his actions, the responses only further taking that possibility to reality.

The second response was toned down, more justification for his behavior, however there is no quest in the game that you need to spam the hell out of everybody else, making the chat features in the game (however poor it may be on console versions) useless to anybody who is using it properly.

The only one that I'm aware of for this trainer in Dragon Ball XenoVerse that would require other party members is the one where you have to speak to Elder Kai with 2 females in your team & spamming you need party members isn't going to help with that since 80% of characters in the game are male (a better option would be to find players in the player list, filtered by gender & send them invites, however my experience is that most people have this disabled).  The easiest way to complete this task is to enter the Single Lobby, invite (or hire) NPC player characters (characters made by other players, however act as NPCs in the Single Lobby), then get done what you need to; many times they are a low enough level you don't even have to pay a recruit fee to get the NPCs to join you (luckily NPCs aren't as picky as real people, but higher levels come at a price).

Threats of lawsuits don't scare me, because I have proof of their antics, which will have their case thrown out if they even attempt it.  This also means that any claims of slander will also be thrown out because the proof will invalidate any claims of slander since it was obviously true.  If people want to avoid getting pointed out for the people they are, then they need to stop griefing & I've heard of people that have lost their jobs over griefing when it got out who they were in real life.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1