PSN user jdub10792 was contacted about his spamming in Dragon Ball XenoVerse on the PS3 on 12/14/2016.  I already expected he might retaliate based on the string of spam that was taken as proof of it (and sent to him via attachment over PSN mail, just in case he was already banned from my site due to IP ban ranged targeted at hacking/botting attempts on this site & also seeing as many console users have a hard time actually accessing it if they're not using the PSN cell app) & I was correct, his response was particularly abusive in very few words:

Normally I don't report responses to notifications of their spamming (unless they're sending multiple responses only continuing the abuse), but this message in particular fit in the guidelines where I could on the message alone (foul language, sexuality discrimination; I'm straight, but laws in the US now allows this gender preference & I'm against all forms of discrimination), so I did report it in this case.  One other thing the response shows is there's no regret in his actions & it even shows his demeanor in the response even without knowing what was in the original message, so I'm expecting a warning on this little asshole if anything, maybe a temp ban with any luck.

At this point it's been blocked on both of my PSN accounts, so he won't be able to retaliate against the report unless he makes another account & it's likely his PS3 may be a temporary hardware ban, so unless his cell app gets banned as well, he'll have to wait for it to expire before he'll be able to retaliate further, however I expect if he does get a temp ban, he's likely going to avoid further retaliation over PSN (that's not to say he wouldn't try it through other means; this happened with another PSN user & I had to get the law involved, he pretty well disappeared sometime after that point).

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1