eli2kool4u got back to me after I notified him I had contacted Bandai/Namco about his griefing through spamming, I ended up getting two different responses:

The first response shows disbelief, apparently not believing that I would go to this length in reporting him to get it to stop.  The second response only shows his mentality & isn't worth the time to even respond to.  At first I was going to block him on my secondary account (the account that was used to send the message of notification to Bandai/Namco on), but decided not to to see if it continued.  The other thing I was going to do was report the second response as griefing to PSN, however again decided not to because I expect with the change in tone between the two messages, he's already seen the site & will likely see this response to his as well, so I'll wait & see if he sends any more harassment my way before I start making griefing reports to PSN on his messages.

When I started writing this update for the site, I got thinking that I should have looked at the times of those messages to verify lapse of time to make an educated guess as to the reason for the change of tone.  Sure enough, the first message was sent at 10:42 PM, then second at 11:04 PM (time zone unknown, seeing as this is my secondary account & only used for chatting to people outside of my friend list; my primary account has privacy option set so users outside of my friends list can't send me mail over PSN).  So likely the first response was disbelief; the second would have been after he verified it (at least on my personal site & possibly the Bandai/Namco forums; doesn't look like the video on his behavior has gained any views yet other than my own), then came back with retaliation.  What is stupid about this is he's seen the list of spammers for this game on this site already, he should have noticed the fact that I'm also posting responses; if he had any smarts after noticing that responses were also listed, he wouldn't have responded in that manner, which again only shows he has the mentality of a prepubescent child.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1