PSN user dane_the_donkey was yet another idiot that chose to lash back when he was contacted about his spamming chat in the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.

His first response would show he's trying that rationalize that he can play the game how he wants (not that there's much playing going on when he's spamming the chat channel) given he paid for the game; let's get real here, everybody who has it paid for it, it's not like his situation is anything special.  As far as for the formatting of the message itself, I would expect he's a kid, that from the looks of it, is failing grammar:

His second reply (even before I saw the first) seems to be he was going over the list of spammers on the Dragon Ball XenoVerse review & realized that I was going to publish his response online.  Not like I needed him to tell me this, it was going to happen anyways:

On another note, looks like he followed the playlists at the bottom of the review to start throwing harassment on the videos of the worst spamming incidents.  I stopped playing the game when I noticed I had a notification on Google, expecting it was more harassment on YouTube (as it usually is) & sure enough, there was an abusive comment on one of the Spammer videos from account name chris waterfield.  While it's not proven that this is his account, I find the fact that this comment came shortly after the PSN messages highly unlikely that it would be a coincidence.

In any case, I decided rather than dealing with more retaliation from this douchebag who thinks it's okay to grief others simply because he "paid for the game" & blocked him both on my secondary PSN account & my YouTube account.  He isn't any different from the other spammers in the game who also paid for the game, so it only looks idiotic that he feels that gives him a right to ruin others experience in the game who are trying to play it normal.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1