It appears boringsupersayia had a misunderstanding as to the purpose of the message, thinking the spamming message he got had to with spamming of skills rather than spamming of text in Toki Toki.  Honestly I thought the attached screenshots would have made it clear what type of spamming I was talking about, so either he didn't look at the screenshot, PSN discarded it, or he just looked at the title & didn't bother to actually read the mail.

Taking this a step further, it seems he may believe that I'm with Bandai/Namco (given he told me I need to nerf Instant Transmission), which isn't the case.  I take screenshots of spamming & record videos of abuse so I can put that proof online & point out what kind of people they are so people can choose to either avoid them or ignore the proof that has been provided; a lot of the time it just gets friends of those morons to contact them & retaliate.  In any case, the proof is there that he does spam, even if he claim that he doesn't spam was a matter of confusion of what form of spamming he was being accused of.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1