After the second incident of this moron's extensive spamming sprees in Dragon Ball XenoVerse, Scarface58913 responded in the following manner when he was notified a second time that a video was uploaded of his spamming (the second one where he was doing it) & once again sent to Bandai/Namco:

This goes without saying exactly who this little bastard is as far as his mentality goes & would even imply that perhaps he's trying to get banned.  If he wants to get banned so bad, perhaps I should contact PSN directly.

Before I finished writing up this update, he sent another response, which pretty well told me it was just going to continue & I needed to block him on my secondary account (he'll probably try to get me on my primary account, but he won't be able to do so unless he's on my friend list due to privacy settings on it, which I expect is going to have foul language in the friend invite also), but I took it a step further & filed a griefing report against him for the language in this last message, after I took a screenshot of it to publish it on the site & before blocking him:

At this point I expect he may retaliate in one way or another, I'm planning on posting his responses on the Bandai/Namco forums to show that he's likely attempting to get banned.  I have to wonder if it were a temporary ban, would he learn from it?  Only time will tell, but if this isn't his first time getting banned on PSN, he's likely on his way to getting permabanned.

Once again before I was able to publish this, I noticed I had a response on one of my videos in YouTube as I was going to grab a counter for this page (seeing as Google is my home page & I get notifications on Google about responses on YouTube).  Normally I wouldn't allow this type of response to pass through moderation, however I allowed it this time, because I want that comment to be used against him to make sure he gets banned:

This idiot is only showing how much he wants to be banned & I'm going to make sure that happens, but it won't be just in Dragon Ball XenoVerse (more likely, it won't be in the game since Bandai/Namco seems to be ignoring the issue), but it could be his entire PSN account instead.  I think this will be one of those more satisfying situations where they attempted to get banned in one game, but instead they're going to get banned from going on PSN entirely.

After thanking him for his replies & proving just how much he wanted to get banned (including a link to this page), I got another response from him on YouTube:

This was a view from the Google notification bar, seeing as when I got to the video, I didn't find his response in replies to be moderated (perhaps because I blocked his YouTube account when he made the last comment).  I wasn't intending on allowing this one through, but I was expecting more foul language in another abusive response, which I ended up reporting to Google & followed to his Google+ account to block him there as well.  It appears that not only his PSN account is going to get banned, but perhaps also his Google & YouTube accounts.  This will perhaps be one of the most satisfying bans I have been a part of & one of the most infuriating for him (let's see if he really doesn't care if he gets banned after it happens).

At this point I shouldn't be getting any more contacts from him unless he tries to add my primary account, although I fully expect he's going to retaliate by spamming the hell out of Dragon Ball XenoVerse, so perhaps finding another game for the night would be preferable to having to deal with this son of Satan, although I think it might make sense to actually go into the game so I can get another video of his antics just to pile it on top of what he's already done in the last 2 hours of responses, updates to my site, replies on YouTube & posts on the Bandai/Namco forums.  If he wants to continue chasing me from site to site, I will build a case against him with the police, subpoena PSN for his personal information so they can track him down, then he can spend some time in jail for internet stalking & harassment.

It appears that even after all that drama, he still hasn't learned.  he started up with spamming again on 6/29/2016, however stopped pretty quickly after starting, probably realizing I was going to publish another video of him doing it if he continued (likely noticing I was online).  I suppose he's at least learned to watch for people he knows is going to make his actions public if he's going to prove what an ignorant bastard he is, but he still hasn't learned enough not to do it entirely...

Last updated 6/30/2016

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