MICHAELVonline came back with a heated rant to the mail he got with the attached screenshot, which apparently based on an assumption that I was spamming also, so his rant is based on complete bullshit he made up to try & rationalize the fact that he got called on his spamming.

Let's get down to the facts here:

Considering the issue continued to be a problem after the messages were sent to him in response to his, it seems I need to further document this.  In response to his response, the following messages were sent:

After those were sent, he retaliated with the following:

There are a number of things he doesn't realize here:

At this point, I have no intentions in contacting this holier-than-thou, delusional moron, because he's not worth my time.  His threats of filing reports against me to PSN do not scare me, because I expect any investigation of the matter to show the facts & the complaint will be thrown out.  His threats of filing charges doesn't scare me, because I know that I could counter his lawsuit with my own & BOTH would be thrown out.  What I do know at this point is that I will continuing taking screenshots of his spamming (if it continues) & continue publishing them (without contacting him) for further fuel to get the publishers of this game to do something about it; with any luck, he'll find himself kicked out of the game (not that I expect him to understand the reason for it given he's shown me he thinks he's some kind of privileged saint).  While I have been considering blocking the little fucker on PSN, I think I'm going to restrain myself from doing that & using any further flak he gives me over PSN mail against him in a number of griefing reports to PSN, as well as publishing them online so people know just what kind of delusional little twit he is.  Should he join any rooms I start after this point, he will be IMMEDIATELY booted.  And I will be making sure I'm using the correct headset & recording when I run this game so that I can catch his insults on videos to be published afterwards & perhaps sent to Bandai/Namco & Sony as well.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1