As I already expected from Lucasbrachi before I sent the message (from looking at his PSN profile when he started spamming & noticing English wasn't listed on there), he wouldn't understand the message I sent him about bringing his spamming to the publishers attention.  Interestingly enough, I got another response shortly afterwards that contradicts the first response:

Likely he got somebody who did understand English to help him understand it, which would explain why he first said he didn't speak English, then another response showing that he did understand it.

Despite knowing he probably wouldn't understand another English response, I sent him the following expecting he might get somebody else to help him understand it (that is if he doesn't already have me blocked after the initial contact):

The person he mentioned & I am talking about publishing his response would be AssassianKD, who was easily MUCH worse than Lucasbrachi was in that same screenshot of about 5 different spammers.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1