Fragonus contacted me back, apparently trying to shame me for contacting him on his spamming, apparently thinking he was the only person to get contacted about it.  He was given links not only to the Dragon Ball XenoVerse review spammer list on this site, but also to the thread on the Bandai/Namco forums, which means he didn't bother to check either of them if he thinks he's the only one that got contacted & reported for this form of griefing in the game.  Technically speaking, there was not actual report, but I am attempting to direct Bandai/Namco to the review on my site regarding it using the thread on their forums, so this should still bring it to their attention if they even have anything to do with their community.  And while I haven't contacted everybody on the spammer list on that review, I have contacted most of them; only a few have bothered to respond, in most cases in a form of retaliation to being contacted about their poor behavior, in some cases it was obvious they didn't know English (which made the contact attempt a lost cause, even if I attempted to translate it for them) & only in one case did the person seem genuinely sorry about their behavior.

I replied to his rant with the following:

I'm expecting a repeat with this smooth-talking griefer (probably the only thing that makes me think he's not an illiterate kid or moron like most griefers) as with what happened with another person who thought he could get my account banned by contacting PSN about the contact.  I never heard anything about it after his threats; I expect PSN investigated the matter, then threw out his complaint after reviewing the list of spammers on the review for the game (which is included in the initial contact over PSN per spammer, which should make it very easy for PSN to tell what is going on & quickly complete their investigation on any complaint against what I'm doing to battle the problem).

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1