Cralos_Lumonos contacted me back, seems he's trying to figure out who I am & why I'm bothering him; probably trying to find out whether I have any official standing & whether my statement that I notified Bandai/Namco of his spam has any standing on him getting banned from the game (or the developers doing something to mitigate the problem, which is pretty obvious they haven't bothered to yet & don't seem to be paying attention to regardless of the fact it's on their official forums...and they're not bothering to reply).

While I may not have any official standing to get something done about it, if enough of these spammers are made public for their actions & brought to the attention of the publishers/developers, I expect sooner or later it will push the developers to get something done about it in the future.

My reply to him was as follows:

I'm not going to claim I have an official standing on getting things done, but I will push it as far as I can as a customer either until something is done about it or I decide that purchasing from Bandai/Namco is no longer worth the trouble of trying to play their online, troll-infested games.

He eventually got back to me close to 2 months after the response, not having much to say, perhaps not understanding it:

Dragon Ball XenoVerse (PS3) spam history: 1