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Update 6/27/2016

Due to the sheer amount of trolls infesting the Steam forums & one of the threads I attempted to make during the 2016 Summer Sale getting nothing but trolls infesting it, I decided it was time to publish a Steam Community Trolls blacklist.  This will be built as time goes on & currently I only have a small amount of the attacks I have gotten since I opened my Steam account, so currently what is on this list is limited...

Update 6/6/2016

I've spent over a week going over 4 months of raw access backlogs, banning a combination of over 200 IPs addresses (including individual & ranges; default ranges cover 256 or 65536 single IP addresses, normally it's not the lower number) for bots & hackers attacking the site & listing those IPs on the associated blacklists on this site.  Because of the numerous ranges of IP bans I've added to the site, there's a good chance a number of people got banned that didn't deserve it, this is why there's an appeal system available.  The appeal system works as follows:

I've also completed a few more reviews on the site, those are now published.  Further plans for the site is to add game strategies, databases, cheat codes, move lists (fighting games mainly) & so on, however I haven't found the time to even start this yet...

Update 5/24/2016

I've revamped multi-reviews (pages that link from multiple review categories) so they have proper navigation links at the top of each page, as well as at the bottom; navigation links at the bottom of these pages will differ in the fact that there will be a separate Home link with additional Back/Next links per category for those that have more than one review in them (currently on YouTube reviews are relevant with this) & lacking an Up link.  Multi-reviews will no longer open in a new window/tab & instead function as most of the rest of the site does (with the exceptions aforementioned).  I've also added missing navigation links to any page that was over a two-tier navigation structure.  Added Home link at the bottom of the News Archive page, but lacks navigation links outside of the Home link due to being opened in a new window/tab (accessed by clicking on the counter at the bottom of the home page).

Added missing review links I forgot to add on Twitch.TV/YouTube review indexes in the last update.

A few reviews have been updated & completed; completion of reviews only pertain to WIP reviews (only one has been on this site so far) that I hadn't been able to find the documentation I was looking for to complete it.

A number of links/pictures that were linking to dead web addresses have been updated with archived results of those pages from Wayback Machine (those that I could find results for, anyways).

Update 5/18/2016

A review has been added about community media sites (such as YouTube & detailing discriminatory practices they claim are copyright infringement penalties to your channels should anything you upload have something in them they can flag without thinking about it.  This is also a stance against those practices, where I am hoping others will follow my steps against it & perhaps get those sites to change their ways & actually consider whether media in our videos requires the retribution they are imposing on us when perhaps that media should be in the video & they are out of line in penalizing us for it being in our videos regardless of whether it was intentionally put in the video or not.

A few other reviews have also had updates to them.

Update 5/8/2016

Review has been added for the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.  Due to an apparent lack of interest from Bandai/Namco to give people playing their game a way to ignore/report griefers in the game, the review is (usually) getting updated multiple times a day in the Spammer Rant section of the review, where spammers are getting listed by their PSN usernames with screenshot/video proof of their spamming & (in some cases) their replies to being notified their spam has been brought to the attention of the publishers.