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Update 12-3-2013 would like to acknowledge Smooth McGroove for unsurpassed skill shown time & time again in his videos.  By far some of the best video game acapella I've seen in my life & near flawless to the originals.  I can only imagine the time it would take to perfect this doing a number of cuts & flawlessly piecing them together.  I wasn't fan of acapella in the beginning, but this changed all that.  For some of my favorite videos by this person, please check my favorites list here.

Update 8-8-2012

I decided to start adding game reviews to my site seeing as sites like GameSpot & Steam limit the amount of what can be said about a game due to character limitations, many times making me have to shorten my review.  This will allow me write my full reviews without having to shorten them just to make them fit on other sites.  I will likely be linking the partial reviews on those site to this site so nothing is left out.

Update 2-17-2012

A number of updates today.  I've added a number of patches that I had backed up so that people can download them from a high-speed server without having to settle for a low rate that many other sites may limit you to.  You will also find a few other patches for older games that may have you searching the web for hours otherwise.

I've also included MODs for a couple more games, so those are available now.

I noticed that was having some extreme issues trying to download Flyff for testing purposes with my job at Xfire:

I have to give special thanks to Shaun for helping me obtain this client as I wouldn't have been able to get it otherwise.  I've included this on my site so people can download it from a high-speed server rather than having to go through the same problems I had as well.

Update 12-20-2011

Been a while since I've done an update.  I've added two more sections to the site.  This includes a Downloads section & a section devoted to Xfire.

In the downloads section, you can find tools to aid you in gaming as well as hard to find MODs for various games (this will be added on to later).

In the Xfire section, I have included a live video section where people can see what I'm doing if I'm gaming at that time.  I have also included a modified sound pack that is basically the same as the classic sound pack, but I swapped the in-game message sound with the one in the current default pack (got tired of jumping a mile out of my seat whenever somebody messaged me while in game).  You can also find a link to the latest game update in the Xfire section if you are having problems downloading it through the messenger.  Instructions on how to install the latest game update can be found on the page where you download it from.