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Update 10/18/2016

New review added for

I am still waiting on a response from the individual that requested a theme change on the site because they stated the light text on dark background hurt their eyes, as I was asking their opinion on the rough draft applied to the home page before I made this change to the entire site.  I'll wait perhaps a month after their last contact where they stated they would look at it after work (about a week ago), then I'll revert the template back to what it was before I changed it (at least I have a backup of it before the change was made, however I'll have to add new news entries to the backup after being restored.

Update 10/13/2016

eBay user blacklist is now live.  I still have a couple more sellers to add to this list, however I've gotten details of one of the most deceiving sellers up & running for the time being.  I will likely be starting one of these on Amazon users also, seeing a I ran into some dirty dealings on there as well that I still have some of those details on.

Update 10/12/2016

A user of this site chose to contact me about the color scheme, stating that the light text on dark background hurt their eyes.  Seeing as this contact wasn't a scam, spam or written threats/attacks, I listened & am working on a new color scheme to make it easier to read.  My site for the time being does not have customizable themes, which is something I'll look into in the future, but for now I'll target what was said by this user to see what I can do about their request.  The first page will be the home page, which you are looking at now, where I am going to ask for the users opinion regarding the change.  If acceptable, I'll start doing the same to every page on the site, however it will likely need to be done in multiple updates rather than a single one as I'll need to make this change to every informational section of each page.

Update 10/9/2016

At this point the situation regarding attacks on my YouTube channel has been determined as coming from Bandai/Namco in retaliation to the (mostly negative) review of Dragon Ball XenoVerse, so due to the problems they are causing me through abuse of the YouTube report function, I have made a number of updates to to address those attacks.  This update includes updates to 3 different YouTube reviews, the review on Dragon Ball XenoVerse, a new review on Bandai/Namco & a new boycott against Bandai/Namco.

Update 10/5/2016

I have started copying over the PSN Griefer blacklists by PSN username, publishing a link to their PSN account details (game stats mostly) & screenshot/video proof of their griefing.  It will take some time to complete this list as there are literally hundreds of scumbags I have run into over my short PS3 gaming history, so it will take quite some time before I can move onto the Steam Griefer blacklist (there is currently one related to forum activity with a few videos of gameplay griefing in it, however those few videos will be moved to the new blacklist once it's been publlished).

Update 10/3/2016

I've added a new section to IP Blacklists which also includes MAC addresses in addition to IP addresses of those attackers when I'm able to grab them (which is pretty simple through my home modem, however it's another matter on this site), aptly named as the DDoS Blacklist; the addition of MAC addresses makes it pretty simple to tell when they are using a proxy to change their IPs to try & throw people off & also makes it pretty obvious that that IP is a shared connection as WhatIsMyIPAddress sometimes lists.

I've also posted a new YouTube review regarding their flagging an inactive stream page, where the email of a video being deleted wasn't exactly accurate.  As a result of this, all videos on my YouTube channel has been changed to unlisted & re-listed privately on Blogspot (which can only be accessed by request via Gmail account), which will hopefully minimize further expected abuse of the report function.  The Wall of Shame videos will be moved to this site under individual pages under the Blacklists section, while Technical Difficulty videos will be appended to reviews of games relevant to those videos (a new review will be written for that game if needed; I need to transfer over my reviews from other sites anyways).  The next step for the time being however will be to file a complaint against YouTube with the BBB.

Update 8/23/2016

On Feb. 15, 2015, I wrote a review on the game Sanctuary RPG: Black Edition on GOG, which was more of a review on the dishonest business practices of the developer, Black Shell Games.  The review was quickly defaced by the GOG staff after a complaint from the developer regarding the bluntness of the review; I have been boycotting the company every since & decided it was time to move that review to this site in the form of a public boycott against the company.  There will be a number of others going up of dishonest companies using similar tactics, however this was the first one I wanted to target & make sure the information got up pronto before I worried about any others pulling similar stunts.

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