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Update 11/22/2016

New review added on  The site appears it isn't that reliable when it comes to site detections of malware & apparently thinks this site has been hacked based on a single word found on the news update (currently found in archives) stating details about the review & boycott of Sanctuary RPG & Black Shell Games.  They were contacted about this over their Facebook page & failed to fix the problem in a timely manner, so now I'm going to make good on my statement that I would be publishing a review of their site if they didn't fix the issue.

Update 11/6/2016

It appears that somebody has started monitoring of this site using  I for one have not put in this request, so unless it was my host that did it, it's been done without my permission & under misrepresentation as being the owner of the site (apparently the site doesn't use metadata verification); only the host of a site would have legal right to go over the webmaster's head.  If I find out it wasn't the host that did it, I'm intending on blocking referral traffic from this site in the near future.

I've reverted back to the standard template for text, seeing as it seems pretty obvious the person requesting a color-scheme change isn't going to get back to me on the rough draft that was on the home page for nearly a month.  If I do take another whack at color-scheme changes, I'm going to need to make sure whoever is requesting it is serious about it...

Update 10/26/2016

A new Twitch blacklist has been published, in response to a number of attacks/harassment from an angry deviant retaliating to being publicly named as a spammer on the Dragon Ball XenoVerse review & reported to Bandai/Namco for it. This is expected to be EPICMINECRAFT25, as he continued to harass over PSN messages after he was contacted once regarding the spamming & his comments over PSN aren't far off from the two accounts that prompted the publication of this list, so I expect he got at least a temp ban on his PSN account when I reported the harassment on his PSN messages, now he's retaliation to it over other networks. Were it just Bandai/Namco he had to deal with, I don't think he would have had anything to worry about as it seems Bandai/Namco is ignoring the spamming issue (or any other griefing issue in DBX), but he decided to push it to the point that I could report the matter to PSN as well, so his retaliation I expect granted a temp ban on his PSN account & perhaps a permanent ban on Twitch.

Update 10/25/2016

New website reviews added on &

I have also published new reviews for Bandai/Namco & Twitch, which are just the original reviews that were published to the BBB, however they got censored to hell & pretty much useless after the BBB published them, so this gives a means of those reviews still have some sort of meaning; this censoring on these reviews is what led up to the review being written on the BBB.

Update 10/18/2016

New review added for

I am still waiting on a response from the individual that requested a theme change on the site because they stated the light text on dark background hurt their eyes, as I was asking their opinion on the rough draft applied to the home page before I made this change to the entire site. I'll wait perhaps a month after their last contact where they stated they would look at it after work (about a week ago), then I'll revert the template back to what it was before I changed it (at least I have a backup of it before the change was made, however I'll have to add new news entries to the backup after being restored.

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