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Update 12/9/2015

Given the fact that WhatIsMyIPAddress appears to be blocking comments to their page via my IP address, I've decided it's time to start creating my own IP blacklists on hacking attempts on my personal site rather than relying on them to keep records of those attempts; I have also removed reference to them from my 403 page stating that records of attempted hacking attempts were being posted to that site when I noticed them in my logs.  This blacklist has been around for a very long time in the form of a ban list on this site; while only the FTP Password Generator attempts were publicly visible up until now, now I'm going to be publishing a list of other attempts that granted a ban from this site.  Raw access logs will be provided when I have them (I'll be adding these as I go back to pull them; the lists come first, then the logs), however I currently only have back to November of this year when I had to do a domain transfer to fix the privacy issue.

 Update 12/4/2015

Getting a bit tired of Microsoft Technical Support scammers trying to scam me over my home phone, so decided it was time to start a Phone Blacklist so people are aware of not only the scam, but also numbers that I have received this scam from (at least the ones I have logged).  If you find your number listed on this blacklist & wish for it to be removed, make a request through the Contact link at the bottom of home page (removal requests will only be honored if it can been verified that the number has changed hands since I received a scam attempt from that number).

Update 12/2/2015

News Archives page has been added; only the 5 most recent updates will show on the home page now, older updates can be found by clicking on the counter at the bottom of the page.  Some important notices in the marquee above will link to the news archives page.

Update 11/25/2015

Steam blacklists were added today, along with some minor corrects/formatting changes on various pages.  There won't likely be another update tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Update 11/12/2015

I noticed I had some downloads (patches & MODs) failing when I looked a the site access logs, so I attempted to get them fixed ASAP.  The problem actually wasn't the file itself, but rather the HTML character substitutions somehow got discarded.  Those downloads should be fixed now.  If you notice any files are failing when you attempt to download them from this site, feel free to contact me using the Contact link at the bottom of the home page.

EDIT:  Location reviews are also live now, more will be added over time.